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Ray is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Fave Seahawk: Richard Sherman
Not-so-secret talent: Dancing
Models basketball game after: Lebron James and Brittney Griner
Looking for: A loving family

Sit down to chat with Ray and you are in for a conversation that ranges from light-hearted to deep and meaningful. Ray is a passionate person who loves animals, football, dancing, and a good laugh.

Ray likes to look fresh, which means shopping is definitely on his list of favorite things to do. He’ll beeline quickly for anything red or black (his favorite colors), though a dark blue will suffice. Ray is all about being prepared for the upcoming season. He takes note of the weather and is always ready to welcome the impending fall, spring, summer, or winter – dressed to the nines. When he thinks about traveling, he considers the weather first. He’d really like to visit India one day, but notes that it’s hot, quickly adding, but he’d be prepared for it.

Ray recorded his own clips to help families get to know him through a video.

Ray loves to read, and takes pride in his ability to consume literature at an impressive reading level. He’s also a stellar creative writer. He’s been taking creative writing courses and really has a talent for it.

Ray wanted to include this quote in his profile - his personal mantra that he created!

Ray also wanted to participate in writing his profile, so here is what Ray would like you to know about him:

I would like to have:

    • Pets! My own dog or a house dog
    • Opportunities for shopping! (Shoes, clothing, jewelry)
    • Siblings!
    • Live in the city!
    • Family fun nights!
    • Opportunities for fishing!
    • Opportunities for swimming!
    • Weight lifting equipment!
    • An allowance!
    • My own room with Blueface posters!
    • My own phone!
    • An Xbox One!
    • Opportunities to cook!
    • A chance to get my own job!
    • Loving and supportive members of the family!
    • A music recorder in my room with beatbox and mixer!
    • A clean family!
    • A funny family!
    • A family that takes road trips!

He’s currently in the 11th grade, and though he’s working his way through tougher classes like geometry, he still does really well in subjects like English. An adoptive family who can help encourage and support Ray throughout his schooling years will be really beneficial to help this kid thrive.

Most people love to laugh, but you can tell that Ray really appreciates it. Kevin Hart is his favorite comedian and he gets a real kick out of Stewie Griffin on Family Guy. Ray has a big sense of humor and is prone to find the humor even within himself.

"I love to get some laughs out, take some laughs. And even if I fall, I'll laugh at myself. I love a good laugh."

Though it’s probable that he enjoys comedy movies as well, when he heads to the theater, he prefers scary, especially when accompanied by tons of popcorn, candy, and soda. (Is there any other way?)

Sports matter a great deal to Ray, who in the future wants to play football professionally. He’s really into physical fitness and enjoys all forms of exercise, especially running. He idealizes Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks (his favorite team, of course!) and would love to play for the team one day. Being outside is familiar and comfortable to him as well, even when he isn’t playing football. He is happiest in nature when he has the chance to feel the fresh air all around him. Rhythm is his other passion, and if he doesn’t follow his football career path, dancing will be the future. Ray has his sights set on a dance career in either Miami or Los Angeles when he grows up.

Ray has a big heart for animals, especially dogs and lions, though he is quick to add cats and reptiles to that list as well. Oh, and also fish. And goats! Ray just really likes all animals, and would love to be adopted by a family who has a couple of pets for him to care for.

Ray would really like to be adopted; to feel safe and respected and loved in a family. He quips with a smile that siblings can be “annoying” at times, but he also wants to have them in his life. “They’re also helpful,” he adds. A place he can lay his head down, wake up and eat, and feel loved in his life – that’s all Ray is really looking for in a family. Ray would do particularly well with an LGBTQ+ family, or a family that is LGBTQ+ friendly. A family of color, or a family who at least prioritizes connections to African American cultural events, will also be essential for Ray.

Ray has a way of seeing the positive aspect of just about any situation. When he trusts someone, he opens up his heart, and all he asks for is that in return. As Ray continues to grow up and learn about who he is, an adoptive family who will support him will be really beneficial.

Ray will undoubtedly bring a lot of joy and belly laughs to his future adoptive family. If you are interested in learning more about Ray, please let us know. We can’t wait to find this bright, hilarious kid the adoptive family he deserves.

Beyond the Profile: I have known Ray since March of 2013! From the day I met him, Ray had a sweet spark in his eye and an air of happiness that shined through all the difficulties he was faced with. There has always been a kindness and sincere grace with Ray with every conversation, every moment and every stage in his life. The way his dimple flashes when that big smile crosses his face is a gift all in itself! I am honored to know him, to advocate for him and to call him my good friend. Ray deserves the best. He deserves a family that will welcome him with open arms and allow him to share his love, kindness and grace with them.

-Darcy, Ray's CASA

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