Meet Skylar

A kind and outgoing kid, Skylar is excited to be adopted by a committed permanent family that will be able to provide guidance, structure, and dedication – along with understanding, compassion, and love. Skylar is such a sweet kid who truly values positive relationships and will make a bright and positive addition to his adoptive family.

One of his passions is reading, and Skylar is very motivated by the chance to have private reading time, to really immerse himself in a story that he loves. Going to the library to check out books is always exciting for Skylar, as many of us can relate!

Though relaxing with a good book is a favorite thing, Skylar is also really active and enjoys playing team sports and doing basically any outdoor activity. He loves to watch television and play video games and show off his impressive Lego collection. Skylar is a super helpful kid who thrives with one-on-one attention and quality time.

His gentle spirit is maybe best proven when he’s around animals. Skylar is a big animal lover, especially when it comes to cats. He’s very gentle with them and likes the responsibility of caring for the sweet little pets.

Currently in the 7th grade, Skylar does well in school and enjoys being around peers and friends. Previously, he was enrolled in a mentorship program that he says he got a lot out of. An adoptive family who can support Skylar’s educational future would be beneficial.

Skylar has a couple of close relationships in his life, including a few cousins who he adores. An adoptive family who will support those relationships will be essential.

An adoptive family with younger kids or where Skylar can be the only child would be the best fit for him. Skylar is proud to be Alaskan and is comfortable wearing shorts – even in the snow! A family who can appreciate Skylar’s pride in his heritage will be great for him. Skylar also identifies as a Christian and really likes being involved in the church’s community events and activities, so a family who can support and join him in that would be great!

If you can see this bright, fun kid in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Skylar as part of your family?

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