Meet Daniel and Derek

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Daniel and Derek are close brothers and the oldest of a sibling group of four. Daniel is a go-get-it-done young man while Derek sits back and takes things in. Daniel is very articulate and will not leave you guessing as to what he is thinking. Derek is a very lovable, affectionate, and personable youth. They are both eager to find their permanent home and build upon the strengths and successes they have had in school and in their personal lives during this past year.

Both Daniel and Derek are healthy young boys. They need a home that embraces a healthy and active lifestyle, who will promote great energy release and help guide positive ways for these brothers to remain moving. Daniel excels in school and is academically at an age appropriate learning ability, as is Derek. Derek has a very active mind and body; he needs understanding teachers who can comfortably accommodate and balance his need for movement with academics. Having strong advocates will help him continue to succeed.

The boys have two younger siblings that are placed in another adoptive placement. Their connections with these siblings remain strong and they look forward to connecting with them each week. Maintaining this ongoing relationship is critical. Having the ability to encourage a healthy and positive sibling bond will be looked for in a future home and family.

Over the years, Daniel has been mastering healthy and creative skills like meditating, or even cooking. Derek as well as Daniel enjoy video games in addition to family-involved board games. Daniel would do well from caregivers who will not task him in the care of younger siblings. Derek will do well with having the opportunity to spend some quality individual time so his importance and value remain known. As they enter adolescence, they need parents who can help them navigate their teenage years, and all the nuances that come with them.

Having parents who are strong in their parenting skills and abilities through setting clear expectations and boundaries with grace and compassion will help guide, nurture, and strengthen these young boys as they mature. Opportunities to explore their interests and stay active while encouraging and building upon their successes can provide a connection and give hope to their futures.

Derek and Daniel both have dreams for what they want to do and become when they are adults. Derek has dreams for becoming a Veterinarian as he enjoys helping animals while Daniel has dreams to pursue a career as a Chef. Having the opportunity to seek after their dreams and maintain the relationship with their siblings is what they have asked for.

Could you see Daniel and Derek as part of your family?

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