Meet Lamont

He plays the trumpet in the band, shoots hoops whenever he has the time, and loves to stay active throughout the day. Lamont is special and kind, friendly and sociable. He is a kid with many interests, a big heart, and the ability to empathize and connect with the community around him. To make Lamont happy is an effortless task. He loves going out with his friends and family, discovering new restaurants, and exploring the great outdoors. Even just jumping on the trampoline is enough to make Lamont’s day. He’s an active kid and a natural athlete whose sport of choice is basketball. Anyone want to shoot hoops with Lamont? He’ll give you a run for your money.

If you want Lamont to really open up, ask him about either video games or the NBA. He is passionate about both and loves to chat about basketball. He also loves comic books, and all of the accompanying Marvel and DC films.

Now in the 8th grade, Lamont enjoys being in school overall and continues to work hard to overcome some of the more difficult subjects. He is continually making progress and will continue to thrive with the right amount of support and encouragement. As a friendly kid, Lamont enjoys the social aspect of school and the chance to spend time with his friends.

The special connection Lamont has with his biological brother is a priority to him. The two are in contact and would like to remain so. An adoptive family who can support this connection will be essential. Due to this relationship, Lamont would prefer to be adopted by a local family.

What’s most important to Lamont right now is a sense of heritage. He’s very connected to his culture and is proud to be African American. Lamont has recently started to grasp how to properly style and care for his hair and is increasingly drawn to other members of his community. He has a keen interest in “Black excellence” and really likes to learn about the positive aspects of Black history. Lamont would be really happy to be adopted by a family who is also African American, or at least has one African American parent, or older brother. All families are encouraged to inquire as long as they are willing and able to keep Lamont connected to this important aspect of his identity.

Lamont thrives on recognition for his accomplishments and appreciates caregivers who can acknowledge and celebrate his successes – like a great basketball game or a high score on a test. A patient family who can provide comfort and security would be a great fit for Lamont. Bonus points if they enjoy heading out to shoot hoops and play basketball! A local, active family with other kids Lamont’s age would be great. If you are interested in learning more about Lamont, please let us know! We are excited to find this active, funny kid the right adoptive family.

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