Meet Keyon

Keyon is an awesome, fun-loving kid who really deserves an adoptive family. Open-minded and energetic, Keyon really enjoys getting the chance to play outside and hone in on some of his sports techniques. More specifically, Keyon enjoys basketball and soccer. An adoptive family who also enjoys playing (and watching!) sports and can encourage Keyon’s growth as he continues to play will be great for him!

When he isn’t playing basketball or soccer, Keyon is likely spending time with his arts and crafts. He really enjoys drawing and coloring and would likely be interested in learning other crafts, as well! Keyon is also a super social and very friendly kid who really thrives when he’s around his peers.

Currently in the 1st grade, Keyon is doing really well in school. He has made great progress in his peer and teacher interactions and has a good relationship with his educational advocate. An adoptive family who prioritizes education and can be there to support and cheer on Keyon throughout his schooling years will be a great benefit for him. Keyon really does work well with teachers, so school is a positive place for him.

Keyon has a really strong and special relationship with some members of his biological family, including his siblings. His social worker would most like to hear from families that are local to Washington State, particularly on the west side of the state. Most importantly, Keyon needs an adoptive family who will be mindful and supportive of these very important bonds in his life.

Keyon would do well with any parental configuration, and does well with other kids of all ages. He responds well to structure and an open dialogue about what’s to come. He is good at expressing himself verbally and likes to be included in plans.

If you can see Keyon in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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