Meet Jayden

Do you like to laugh? This wonderful kid has a great sense of humor and a definitive creative side. With his playful nature, he loves to entertain others by cracking jokes and making up stories. Jayden is good with technology and enjoys playing video games and watching TV. He also has a talent for music and singing. Other interests include board games, drawing, reading, beyblades, and Pokémon. He is currently pondering several career options for when he grows up including studying space, becoming a construction worker, or working at a charity to help those in need.

Jayden has a particularly close relationship with one of his siblings. It is essential that contact with this sibling be supported and prioritized.

Jayden’s adoptive family must be willing and able to advocate for him in the school setting to help ensure his needs are continuing to be met. Supportive engagement helps Jayden to continue to achieve. Jayden is an outgoing and friendly guy and also appreciates opportunities to continue practicing and building relationships with his peers.

Jayden does best when he knows what to expect. Advance information about routine and scheduling changes are welcome and helpful, as are opportunities for choices and a structured environment. He also responds well to praise and positive reinforcement. He also appreciates having comfortable spots where he can go to in order to regroup or let off some steam. Jayden has been very receptive to skills training and is able to practice the skills he learns.

Jayden has stated he would like to live with a family who is calm and funny and likes music. He would like there to be space where he can play outside and he would love to have a treehouse. He would like to live with other kids around his age or perhaps have opportunities to connect with other children within the larger family unit or family’s social circle. He likes animals and would do well in a home with pets. Jayden desires a male role model so would do well in a home with a male caregiver or in a home that can provide a healthy male role model for him to connect with.

A home environment that emphasizes structure and predictability with clear boundaries is a must for Jayden. He needs caregivers who are calm, nurturing, and child-centered. Jayden would continue to benefit greatly from physical activities that place him in positive social contact with peers and nurturing adults.

Jayden is still developing a narrative about the changes in his life and needs a committed family by his side. His caregivers must parent calmly with validation and empathy, and with praise and affection.

As a social child, Jayden naturally desires connection and stability. He has a caring nature and is a great boy who is eager to have an adoptive family to help him continue writing his story.

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