Meet Payton

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“I am a young teen who enjoys hanging out at home most. My favorite hobbies include TV, reading, arts and crafts, and being with friends. I enjoy a quiet house with animals around to snuggle on. I warm up to people but I have a special talent with animals. I like to be notified of plan changes and appreciate being a part of the planning process. My favorite animals are rodents and I have had both a mouse and a ferret in the past. I am currently working on earning a pet rat."

Nature and animal lover, curious, inquisitive, engaged, sensitive. Payton is full of life, enthusiasm, and humor. She falls in love with all animals and enjoys caretaking of creatures of many kinds. Payton enjoys art, riding bikes, hanging out with friends, and doing outdoor activities. Like most teens, she likes to listen to music, play video games, or watch movies. She prefers to be at home enjoying these activities but does at times enjoy being out for small periods of time.

Payton is in 8th grade. Her favorite subject is art. At school, she also enjoys reading and extracurricular activities like singing or art projects. As a hands-on learner, she does well academically in a supportive school setting.

Payton thinks of others and enjoys buying gifts for those she loves. She shows concern for others and can sense if something may not be okay. She can be described as an “intuitive-empath” in that she picks up on the energy around her. She takes pride in her art work and enjoys spending her spare time coloring, reading books, or watching TV. She feels comfortable and secure when she has music and arts and crafts to work with. Her favorite books and TV shows are either humorous or thrillers. Nothing scares her (nothing obvious at least!) and she also loves watching scary movies in her spare time.

Payton also has a great eye. She previously found over twenty-four leaf clovers in a short period of time and gave them all away to spread luck to others! If she has made up her mind or has the drive to do something, she does it. She does well caring for a garden, animals, or bugs. Payton is a leader—and a good one. She is very charismatic, so others around her often follow her lead. Payton believes in fairness and that everyone deserves rights. She is a protector and wants to make sure that she, and others, are safe.

Payton has other very important relationships in her life, including a sibling and some other extended relatives. It will be critical for her adoptive family to keep her close with these family members, her sibling in particular.

Payton really needs a parent(s) of her own to shower her with the attention, guidance, and love she deserves. A good listener and someone to validate her feelings is a way to offer Payton full respect; she is so attuned to others’ emotions and expressions. Payton does well with those that are patient and treat her like she is truly worthwhile. She thrives by being around animals that she cares about, as they provide her with unconditional love and support.

Payton deserves a supportive family to love her no matter what. Payton appreciates being around others who can show her that she is more than deserving of love and affection and who will consult with her about upcoming changes. A family that is consistent and stable, but at the same time strong and firm, will be a good fit. She needs a family that will validate her feelings and look with positivity towards the future. Payton would do well with parents that are warm and flexible and who allow her to still be a kid who likes to romp in the mud and get dirty.

Payton is accepting of all cultures and religious practices but does not consider herself to be religious necessarily. She enjoys being around other kids and would love having a sibling.

Her future adoptive family will recognize Payton’s unique differences as a sensitive soul and will never give up on her. This family will be a special one – but also the right and incredibly lucky one! As for pet rodents? They are a must!

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