Meet Joseph "Joey" and David "DJ"

Introducing Joey and DJ! These brothers have very different personalities, but both are equally fun, lovable, and deserving of a wonderful adoptive family.

Big brother Joey is very sweet, gentle-natured, and compassionate. Joey’s two big loves are Pokémon and reading. He enjoys graphic novels—The Dogman and Captain Underpants series are two of his favorites. He also loves low key activities like listening to music, coloring, and drawing. Joey doesn’t gravitate towards much physical activity, but he is currently participating in Taekwondo and enjoying it. He is not always up for trying new things, but will do so with some encouragement. He also has a big imagination and loves imaginative and creative play.

Joey is kind and sweet to animals and young children. He can play well with other children his age, but has to work harder to connect more deeply to peers. When under his own terms, Joey can be very affectionate. He will ask for hugs and attention when wanted or needed.

Joey has made amazing progress academically and behaviorally in school. He is currently in the 5th grade and working diligently. He is making great strides, especially in the past year. He works hard and wants to do well. Appropriate supports at school and home have made a big difference.

Joey does best when his caregivers are calm and supportive and take the time to help him work through change.

Stylish DJ is a social boy who likes to dress up and look his best. He likes to wear collared shirts and ties on special days, accented by his glasses. DJ is smart, creative, and inquisitive. He is a problem solver. He likes to figure things out and is really into Legos. He is also a very active boy who is up for doing almost anything. He loves playing sports and is currently on a soccer team. He likes riding his bike, jumping on the trampoline, and dancing around.

DJ is very friendly and likes to be around people. He gets along well with other kids and loves animals. He is very loving and affectionate.

Currently in the 3rd grade, DJ is doing very well in school. When DJ is faced with those overwhelming big feelings, he responds positively to redirection and natural consequences. Change and transitions proceed so much smoother when adults take full responsibility for helping out every step of the way.

Joey and DJ have come a long way in the past year! They will require a lot of time, patience, and commitment from an adoptive family. These boys need a loving family that can provide much needed structure, consistency, and fun. They need adoptive parents who they can depend on to love and support them as they grow up. A two-parent household is highly recommended. Joey would love to have a big sister whereas DJ dreams of having a dog.

Joey and DJ have ongoing contact with several biological family members who are very supportive of them. It is important to the boys and these relatives that they remain in each other’s lives, as well as stay connected to other relatives as well.

Joey and DJ are ready to take the giant leap towards adoption. Are you?

Could you see Joseph "Joey" and David "DJ" as part of your family?

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