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Cameron is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project which empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Taught himself: Origami
Can usually be found at: The skatepark
Chef specialty: Tres leches cake
Wants: To be adopted

Basketball, unicycling, scootering, juggling, origami, and solving a Rubik's Cube in less than 2 minutes - oh, my! Welcome to some of Cameron's favorite interests and talents that he wanted to share with potential adoptive families through his In-Depth Profile. Cameron has a creative and artistic side that comes out when he's drawing or doing origami, but he's just as eager to participate in more physical activities such as basketball or soccer. Cameron talks excitedly about the many camps he has participated in, including a comic book camp and sports camp that he absolutely loved! As multifaceted as he is, Cameron has a ton of other interests that didn't make it into his top 6; these include chess, practicing his yoyo tricks, and making his own macaroni and cheese from scratch.

Cameron wanted to make sure potential adoptive families saw him in action. These are the top 6 things he wanted to share.

Cameron is a compassionate and sensitive kid who genuinely cares about others. Inquisitive and adventurous, Cameron likes to learn and participate in new experiences. Cameron is already learning to use his leadership skills in a positive way with his peers as well as with younger children. School staff love having him in the classroom, and Cameron's favorite subject at the moment is math.

Cameron has several relationships in his life that are very important to him. He currently enjoys contact with several family members and is also connected to a previous foster family who he continues to spend time with for respite. These relationships should be maintained to whatever extent possible and Cameron deserves an adoptive family who will help support and nurture these connections.

Cameron also wanted to make a full tutorial video for one of the things he knows and loves best - origami!

Understandably, it can take some time for Cameron to adjust to new situations. It works best for Cameron to be in an environment that is structured, predictable, and can provide him with the consistency he deserves. Offering choices whenever possible and ensuring Cameron knows what’s expected of him are greatly helpful!

Music plays a big part in Cameron's life, so he didn't want to miss out on the chance to share some of favorite songs with potential families.

Cameron deserves patient caregivers who are ready to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to him. With Cameron’s wide array of talents and interests, his adoptive family should be ready to head to the skatepark, whip out their chess set, or jam out to Bruno Mars or Lizzo at a moment's notice!

Cameron would do well in a home with children who are either younger or older. Cameron does very well in an older sibling role, but would also love to have an older brother to look up to! There will be ample opportunity for a lot of fun along the way of creating a safe, secure, and loving bond with Cameron. Cameron is an absolutely awesome kid who deserves nothing less than the safety and security that permanency will provide.

Beyond the Profile: Cameron's kind, genuine, and hilarious nature shone through in almost every interaction we had. He's one of those people that makes you feel good just by being around him. He found a way to make each one of our many Zoom calls new and exciting while he worked to remotely develop his In-Depth Profile; he patiently gave me multiple origami tutorials before deciding on the ninja star, sang along as he selected which songs would go on his playlist, and was always eager to share his latest projects, from his yoyo tricks to his drawings. Cameron worked so diligently to bring his vision of sharing with potential adoptive families to life, insisting on multiple rough drafts before signing off on the final videos that made it to his profile. My hope is that there's a family out there willing to put in just as much work as Cameron did to put himself out there so potential families could hear directly from him. Considering the amount of fun and laughter we shared while working on his In-Depth Profile, I can only imagine the joy and excitement Cameron will share with his future family!

~ Youth Engagement Specialist, Naomi Kolb-Untinen

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