Meet James

The thrill of the game enlivens James, no matter which game we’re talking about. This kid is super passionate about football, soccer, and baseball in particular, but he loves (and is good at!) most any sport. In the past, he enjoyed a season of playing flag football, which he absolutely adored. We can’t stress enough how much James enjoys playing outside, especially when he’s doing something he loves, like riding his scooter. Recently, he and his foster parent built a ramp for him to ride his scooter on and James had the biggest smile on his face the entire time. It was the best of both worlds – James appreciates spending quality time with people he looks up to and he got to play outside. A good way to bond with James is by doing activities together or having things in common.

Besides sports and scooters, James enjoys camping, swimming, biking and just spending time with his friends outside playing. In fact, friends are important to James. He’s a very social kid and enjoys meeting new people and solidifying new friendships. The ideal adoptive family for James will have a few other kids for him to grow close with. James always seems to do best when he has friends and people around his age for him to pal around with. As he works toward fully understanding how to relate to other people, having an adoptive family to help guide him will be really beneficial.

Currently in the 5th grade, James is super intelligent and does well in school. He really enjoys reading the most, but he is a great student in all of his subjects. In and outside of the classroom, James does well with structure and consistency, especially while navigating the world of virtual learning. He likes using his Chromebook for school, too!

Besides playing outside, James also enjoys connecting with the animals around him. He really enjoys caring for and feeding the horses and the dogs at his current home. An adoptive family with pets for James to dote upon would be a great fit for him!

James has a few important relationships in his life that he would like to maintain, including his biological sister. An adoptive family who will encourage those bonds throughout James’s life will be essential.

James will do well in a one or two parent household where he can have a few siblings, especially brothers. (And, again, animals are great! James likes to care for pets.) An adoptive family who is structured, consistent, and will set clear expectations with James will be the best fit for him.

When he’s able to express his emotions, stay active, and enjoy open and direct conversations, James does really well. He’d appreciate his own bedroom so he has a place to process his feelings before sharing them. What James wants people to know most of all is that he is excited to find an adoptive family that lives life to the fullest and is fun, loving, and supportive.

We’re excited to find that family for him! If you can see James in yours, please reach out to us!

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