Meet Lincoln, Logan, and Levi

These three kids – athletic, outgoing, and kind – are looking for the right adoptive family together. These three are very close to one another and are eager to continue to grow up side by side, supporting each other in all of their endeavors.

Legos, anime, and any and every sport – Lincoln is the oldest of the three and has done an exceptional job supporting his brothers. Lincoln is a great advocate for himself and his brothers and helps them feel safe and loved wherever they are. Currently in the 8th grade, Lincoln is really putting in the effort to be a great student and is working hard on the tougher subjects like math and reading. Lincoln is very enthusiastic about track, which is one of his main motivators in school. Lincoln is also very passionate about animals and sci-fi, in addition to the aforementioned anime and sports. He’d be really happy in a home where his adoptive parents will foster his love of all of those things.

Outgoing and engaging, Logan is very well-liked by his peers and everyone else he gets to know. Similarly to his brothers, Logan is a big sports person and has participated in karate, soccer, and baseball in the past. He is currently still involved in soccer and has stated that he would like a family who will support that passion and show up to cheer him on at every practice and all of his soccer games. Additionally, Logan likes to play videogames and watch movies. Currently in the 5th grade, Logan absolutely loves school and does great in class. He enjoys getting extra help with his math homework and is really proud of his academic growth in the past couple of years. Logan also really likes to be involved in school activities.

Levi can be very silly and really enjoys making other people laugh. He’s frequently playing innocent “tricks” and will probably tell you his latest joke if he gets the chance. Levi is highly capable of voicing his concerns and advocating for his own needs—an important quality for the youngest brother! Levi has participated in t-ball and soccer recently and he really loves to show off his karate moves. Just like Logan, Levi has stated that he would like an adoptive family who is enthusiastic about attending soccer games and practices – he also adds that he would like a family who lets him play video games and who is willing to get a dog (or already has one). Currently in the 1st grade, Levi has made great progress over the past year in school. He is excited to learn and appreciates extra support from his caregivers. Levi is proud of his Pokémon collection and loves animals, magic, and playing with his Nerf toys.

An adoptive family who can dedicate the time and attention that these boys deserve would be a great fit. All three kids really want to be adopted by a family who acknowledges and understands the importance of their bond to one another. A family who is active, likes sports, and is excited to adopt these three boys together will be the best fit!

If you can see Lincoln, Logan, and Levi in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find them the adoptive family they deserve.

Could you see Lincoln, Logan, and Levi as part of your family?

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