Meet Sammy

Sammy is a sharer. She often wants to show the adults in her life the things that mean the most to her, her special toys and favorite games. Currently, Legos and stuffed animals are the most precious things to Sammy and she frequently wants her favorite people to join in on the fun. Gentle-hearted and emotionally bright, Sammy is so well-loved. Both in school and outside of it, people really enjoy being around this awesome kid.

Currently in the 7th grade, Sammy is adjusting well to being in middle school. She is well liked by her peers and teachers and is working hard on her educational goals. An adoptive family who prioritizes education and can help be a support for Sammy when it comes to schoolwork will be a great asset to her life. Sammy is really social and quickly bonds with other kids – which is a great benefit for a new middle schooler! Adoptive parents that can help guide Sammy as she continues to learn about the world around her will be a great addition to her life.

If you ask her her favorite sport, Sammy will most likely reply, “basketball!” She’s a super energetic kid who really likes physical activity, especially shooting hoops. Sammy is likely open to trying most physical activities, so an adoptive family who is equally enthused by being active will be a great fit for her. Sammy is also a big animal lover and has loved living on a farm in the past. Through caring for the animals, Sammy has started to learn how to be helpful around the house and values the responsibility of caring for her beloved animal friends.

Sammy is a cheerful kid who really responds well to firm boundaries and lots of positive attention from her caregivers. She would do well in a one or two parent household with at least one strong maternal figure that can be a loving role model for her. Sammy would also do well with older kids in the home to take her under their wing and teach her all about the importance of caring for oneself. Sammy is working on expressing herself and her feelings and asking for alone time when she needs it. Adoptive parents who are experienced in being patient, loving, and firm will be a great fit for sweet Sammy.

If you can see Sammy in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Portraits by Matt Browning in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

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