Meet Abby

Kind and caring with a great sense of humor, Abby describes herself as “weird, but in a good way.” And Abby is definitely good – she’s so generous and giving to those around her. She’s always willing to help out a person in need. Her heart is big, and she deserves to be adopted by the right family.

A few of Abby’s favorite things are music, reading, and animals. She’s a kid with a plethora of hobbies and interests, and she views most everything in a positive manner. Abby is super interested in pursuing more artistic endeavors – including theater – as a hobby. She’s also a very good cook and would really enjoy taking a cooking class to hone in on some of her natural skills. Abby’s creative mind also allows her to create whatever she wants. She’s even made costumes out of household objects – a skill that may just come in handy in the theater world down the road!

Currently in high school, Abby really enjoys going to class and absolutely loves to learn. She is proud of herself for completing all of her schoolwork on time, and she is also an active participant in class discussions. Biology and anatomy are two of her favorite subjects. Abby has an excellent memory and does really well working independently, though additional support is always helpful as well.

Abby has said that she would like to be a child psychologist when she grows up. She’d love to go the University of Washington after high school to pursue a career in psychology. Having an adoptive family to encourage and support her as she works toward these goals will be really beneficial for Abby.

Abby is often eager to please and help others. An adoptive family who can guide her toward suitable and healthy relationships as she continues to navigate her high school years will really help her thrive. Abby absolutely blossoms with positive attention; an adoptive family who is positive, encouraging, patient, and calm will be the best fit for her. Abby does really well with much younger or much older kids, though she would also do well as the only child in a home.

If you can see Abby in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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