Meet Joshua "Josh"

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Josh is easy to get along with and a fun guy to be around. He generally has a desire to please others and be helpful to those around him. This bright and energetic boy thrives when given some one-on-one time to connect. He is also a funny kid with a lot of heart! Josh of course really enjoys electronics. He also enjoys playing Legos, board games, and table games (like air hockey or pool) and likes sports like ice or roller-skating and swimming.

Josh is on track academically and has made lots of progress. Even though there are so many classes in middle school, in the right environment, Josh will continue to grow and reach his maximum potential.

Josh has multiple biological family connections that an adoptive family would need to commit to nurturing and supporting, including with siblings.

Josh needs a family that can cheer him on in all aspects of his growth and help him to know that the world really can be a safe and welcoming place. Josh is a loving child and when he realizes he has done something wrong, he wants to make amends through lots of physical affection and compliments. He wants to please those he cares for and have his caregivers take pride in him. Josh thrives when he is with people who genuinely care for him and are committed to his success.

Josh has requested that his adoptive family be a two parent household. He does not have any specific types of activities or interests the family might have outside of his favorite activity, playing video games. Josh has shown that he does respect boundaries and structure. Josh stated that his ideal family would also live close to his siblings' homes so he could see them more often. His hope is that his new family will "act like he's been there forever." In other words, really make it clear that Josh is home, no matter what - for good!

Josh would do best in a family with a lower number of children. He is so much more successful when he gets that individualized attention he so deserves! At the same time, Josh has requested a home with siblings. Since Josh deserves to be the apple of his new parents' eyes, similar age children and/or older children would be a better match for him than younger siblings.

Josh will thrive best in a home with clear rules and expectations. He needs a family who can offer physical comfort (hugs!) at times. He needs a family who will allow him some space to roam and keep him physically active while also giving him a place of safety and stability. He would love a family who has a large property! He would also like to live within biking or walking distance to a park. Josh appreciates the option to blow off steam by physically moving around while working things out (depending on the home, this could be the apartment complex property, neighborhood area or acreage if the home is located on a large property). Providing him a balance of independence and structure is key for his success.

Josh needs a family who understands his multiracial identity. Josh currently identifies outwardly with his Caucasian heritage. Prospective adoptive parents need to understand that his understanding and needs around his race will evolve and change with time and they must be ready to support whatever direction he takes.

Josh really needs a stable place to grow up with parents who can show Josh that there are respectful and loving connections out there to be had, and to offer him permanent ones themselves. He is a fun and active boy and will bring so much joy and life to any family lucky enough to care for him.

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