Meet Glendon

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“Yay! Happy!” Glendon stated when asked how he feels about being adopted.

Glendon has a vibrant personality and a great smile. He is kind, affectionate, and loves to stay busy! Glendon particularly enjoys playing video games, especially Batman and Disney Universe. He really hopes to have his own tablet one day! His favorite shows are Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh. Glendon also loves to ride bikes and participate in other outdoor activities. He does well in independent activities, where he is able to shine. Glendon likes hugs and appreciates affection from his caregivers. He has stated he would want a “mellow” home, as he prefers a chill environment.

Glendon is in 5th grade this school year. His adoptive parents should be committed to providing all of the extra supports and advocacy that help Glendon access ample learning opportunities. He does best in a school environment with teachers who can rally and rise up for him!

When asked what foods he likes, Glendon stated “everything but Greek stuff and cooked carrots!” His favorite meal is lasagna.

Glendon will need adoptive parents who can help maintain connections with people like siblings and his current foster family, who are like grandparents to him. These bonds mean a lot to Glendon and he would like to maintain them throughout his life.

Glendon is most likely to be successful in a strong and supportive household, with a parent or parents who will love him unconditionally. It is important for Glendon’s parents to be adaptive, patient, and flexible so that they can support Glendon in the best way. Glendon is particularly good with younger children, particularly babies and toddlers.

Glendon would do best as an only child or with siblings who are significantly younger or older than him so he can get the right quality attention from his adoptive parent(s). Regardless of siblings, he needs his family to have the ability to commit their time and energy to him. Glendon is longing for the nurturing and commitment that will help him feel loved.

Glendon would benefit most from having an adoptive family who will provide him with lots of hugs, humor, and positive reinforcement. Most of all, he needs parents who will shower him with the individualized attention he deserves and be by his side to play video games with him, ride bikes, and do all the other fun things that bring Glendon joy.

Glendon will grab your heart. Are you ready for him to brighten your life?

Could you see Glendon as part of your family?

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