Meet Glendon

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“Oh! I will share these with my little foster sister!” These were Glendon’s first words upon opening a gift bag filled with cool stuff when he lived in a recent home with a toddler. What a sweetheart. He even stays in touch with her to this day!

Glendon will tell you himself, “I’m really good with little kids, toddlers, and babies.” His caseworker agrees – he really is and has a very special bond with his prior foster sister. Glendon adds that he is “kind and loving,” which is also true. Affectionate, he loves and gives good hugs.

Glendon’s vibrant personality nicely matches his favorite color (orange) and his sweet, almost perpetual smile. He’s the kind of kid who is instantly likable and very conversational! Glendon is a fan of video games, like Batman and the Disney Universe, but more recently Little Big Planet. He proclaims, “I really like electronics” and hopes to have his own tablet one day! His favorite shows historically have been Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh but currently are The Last Kids on Earth, Trollhunters, Ironman: Armored Adventures, and Goosebumps. Glendon is a big fan of reading and is tackling the Goosebumps and Last Kids on Earth series. He also enjoys art projects, science projects, anything fun really. Outside, he loves to ride bikes, scooters and participate in adventure activities like camping, fishing and swimming. He does well in independent activities, where he is able to shine.

Do you like road trips? Sign Glendon up! He adores long car rides and says he’s already geared up for heading to California, Texas, Las Vegas, and China. Glendon, why China? “Well for the Chinese food of course!”

Glendon has just finished his 5th grade year. Overall, he made so many improvements in his academics over the last two years. He likes multiple subjects, but snickered a little as he said “like all kids, I really like recess!” Glendon does best with extra supports at school, while having the opportunity to learn and utilize tools that help him learn.

When asked what foods he likes, Glendon stated “everything but Greek stuff and cooked carrots!” His favorite meal is lasagna, his go-to snack is popcorn, and his favorite treats are ice-cream and banana cream pie. You should’ve seen his eyes light up (and hear his many thank you’s!) when recently presented with a whole banana cream pie… just for him! He assured us he would not attempt to eat the pie all in one sitting – whew!

Glendon is clear: ”I want a family that will play with me outside” and who will also play video games with him too. Glendon has stated he hopes for a “mellow” home. He is most likely to be successful in a strong and supportive household, with a parent or parents who will be involved caregivers and love him unconditionally. It is important for Glendon’s caregivers to be willing to learn what works for Glendon and his individual ways of learning and responding. Glendon would do best as an only child or with siblings who are either significantly younger or older than him. Regardless of siblings, he needs his family to have the ability to commit their time and energy to him. Glendon deserves his family to have the ability to commit their time and energy to meeting his needs and giving him the spotlight when he wants it.

Make no mistake about it, Glendon is ready to be adopted. He deserves an adoptive family who will provide him with lots of hugs, humor, and positive reinforcement, balanced with structure and routine. When imagining the home and family that are a match for him, with a twinkle in his eye Glendon muses, “a gaming home; and I want there to be a little kid, and maybe one a lot older than me. I want people that are funny and kind, the kind of people who play with you. I don’t like bossy people and I don’t really like to be bossy myself. I also like to help with anything as long as I’m not tired.”

Glendon clearly has so much to offer and will grab the hearts of the right adoptive family. Are you the one he’s been waiting to find?! It will be quite the journey, but also the biggest and best road trip of your life!

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