Meet Silas, Shane, and Nathan

Three of the friendliest, happiest kids around, we’d like you to meet Silas, Shane, and Nathan. These three brothers are very closely bonded and are looking for an adoptive family who is excited to raise all three of these boys alongside each other.

The oldest brother Silas is polite, engaging, and super outgoing. He gets along very well with other kids and really enjoys playing with his friends and peers, including his brothers. Silas is very much a big brother and cares for the younger two with his whole heart, though he also appreciates a bit of alone time from time to time. Having a room of his own would be his preference, and would work best for Silas, though he could also share a room with an older youth. Silas’s hobbies include Pokémon and playing video games. Currently in the 4th grade, Silas does well in school overall. He’s especially great with math and easily makes friends. Silas may not enjoy school as much as some kids, but he’s a great student.

All three boys enjoy pretty much the same activities, including playing board games, playing with toys, and playing with each other, of course. Each of these kiddos is a big animal lover and is learning all about how to care for pets in the home. Silas and Shane are both super responsible with animals and enjoy caring for them.

With great manners and a very friendly demeanor, Shane is such a great kid. He’s a little more reserved than his brothers and is super content doing his own things, though he really likes to spend time with his friends and brothers. He values his own space, but is also quick to share his toys and time with other people. One of Shane’s favorite activities is building with Legos – something he can easily do by himself or with other people. Recently, Shane completed summer school and really loved it! He’s currently in the 2nd grade and would benefit from the encouragement of his adoptive family to help him stay excited about school. He’s working hard in reading and would also benefit from having a little extra reading time at home. Socially, he does great and gets along well with the other kids in school.

Nathan is very social, engaging, and just generally a happy guy. He has lots of energy and is invigorated being around other people. If he can be the center of attention, Nathan is thrilled. A talkative kid, Nathan likes to be busy and stay busy. Like his brothers, he likes to play with toys and enjoys games, especially if he gets to play with Silas and Shane. Nathan is just starting preschool and is really enjoying the time with his peers—he gets along well with everyone and responds to adults really well.

These three kiddos will do well in ideally a two-parent household. They do well with other kids, though each of them appreciates their alone time as well as quality time with the adults in their lives. Shane, Silas, and Nathan all love pets and have grown up in homes with them, so animals are welcome!

If you can see these three kids in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find them the adoptive family they deserve.

Portraits by Rachel Anne Seymour, in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

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