Meet Ella

Arriella, or Ella, is a funny, outgoing, social kid who really enjoys spending time with people. She is enjoyable and loving toward those around her and is really kind and nurturing toward animals. Arriella is a big fan of getting outside and is completely “fearless” when it comes to the big playground in her foster parent’s backyard. Generally speaking, Arriella is a person who lacks fear of the unknown – she also loves water and will often playfully dive into the depths of a good bubble bath.

In Arriella’s free time, when she isn’t playing outside that is, she enjoys coloring, playing with her dolls, and crafting with playdough. Arriella is also always up for a game night. (And she loves the color pink.)

Arriella is currently in the 2nd grade and is doing very well in the classroom.

There are a few really significant connections in Arriella’s life that will be important to maintain, namely her older sister Jazzlynn. An adoptive family who is open and supportive about these important relationships will be vital.

Arriella is a very upbeat kid with a positive outlook on the world. She would do well in an adoptive family with a strong maternal presence and either older siblings or no other kids in the home. Most importantly, she will do well with an adoptive family who will help support her biological family connections, especially with her older sister.

If you can envision this wonderful kid in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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