Meet Logan

Introducing Logan! Logan is a fantastic boy who loves action heroes, Legos, and comics! This high energy kiddo is constantly in motion, loving to run and play outside. He gets pretty excited when he makes a basket when playing basketball! He was excited to have been able to attend a number of camps this summer, including a nature camp.

Logan is a real sweetheart with a lot of love to give. It's hard to resist the charm in his grin. He likes music and drawing, and really craves one-on-one attention from adults - Logan likes to snuggle almost as much as he likes to eat ice cream! (Which, if you haven’t guessed already, is a lot!) Creative and competitive, he also enjoys playing board games, especially using "Logan rules" rather than the rules that come with the game - ha!

Logan continues to have a playful spirit and a loving heart. He is ready for an adoptive family who can understand and value him at his core.

Logan thrives on individualized attention and support to help him maximize success at school. He was quite proud to have finished the school year on a positive note and even won a Principal's Award. He has progressed from tracing letters to now writing some words and simple sentences on his own. Ongoing enrichment and support will be critical to helping Logan continue to make gains academically and in life. The stability of a permanent family will likely enable him to progress that much faster. Logan needs families willing to commit to supporting him for good.

Logan has some pre-existing relationships that are important to him. He will need adoptive parents who can support these connections in healthy and supportive ways, including a positive relationship with his current foster parent.

Logan responds well to encouragement, and a calm, matter-of-fact attitude. Structure, predictability, frequent check-ins and redirection from a caring adult help keep Logan on the right track. Positive reinforcements and incentives are a must. Logan also craves a high level of stimulation and does better when kept busy with activities and adult interaction that keeps boredom at bay.

Logan needs his adoptive family to help him understand that they love him unconditionally and will always be there for him. This kind-hearted boy needs caregivers that communicate unequivocally that he is loved and appreciated. Logan has a huge desire to make friends and be liked. He needs inspiring caregivers willing to show him the ropes and to shower him with positivity.

Logan will flourish in a home with parents who can devote loads of individual attention to him and who will freely express their love and affection. Logan needs adoptive parents who will ensure he feels safe, connected, and attached. Logan needs active parents who have energy balanced with patience, and who are willing to make a commitment to him, regardless of what the foreseeable future holds.

Logan is not a watch-from-the-sidelines kind of kid! At least one parent must be available to him a great deal of the time. He will do best in a home where he is the youngest child, as this little boy has a great need for nurturing and love. Currently Logan does have multiple adult members of his extended foster family who may come to his foster home and spend time with him or take him places, as part of “after school care.” Ideally, this type of caregiving situation would be replicated in his adoptive home because Logan really appreciates it!

Logan needs a family that will help him develop a positive self-concept that includes feeling able to talk about his own racial, ethnic, and cultural identity. His adoptive family does not need to be from a particular race or culture, but needs to be supportive of Logan developing his own identity and exploring what his multi-racial heritage means to him.

Logan knows that he wants to belong to a family and is continually learning about what adoption means to him. Logan has expressed that he likes his current placement’s large extended family, and having many adult extended family members who are interested in spending time with him makes him feel loved. He has expressed wanting a family who will care for him, be nice to him, and love him. Logan is an engaging child who needs the love and security that he deserves.

Could you see Logan as part of your family?