Meet Dakota

Dakota can seem shy at first, but if you bring up a subject he likes – sports, his bicycle, his scooter – he will open right up. Dakota is a great communicator, who enjoys talking about the things he likes, and learning a bit more about the world as he chats with other people. Dakota writes well, appreciates good conversation, and is a sociable, active kid.

A very lively kid, Dakota is at his happiest when he is outside, playing around with his friends, or even on his own. The adventures of a shiny bicycle or a super slick scooter are all Dakota really needs to have a great day. He enjoys spending time coasting around the neighborhood on one of his two chosen modes of transportation, taking in the sights and sounds of the community. When he isn’t zooming around, you can find Dakota playing one of his favorite sports. Basketball, soccer, and football are all on Dakota’s roster of favorites. While actively participating in one of the aforementioned games, Dakota is able to expend some energy and bond with his friends and peers. A real win-win situation! Dakota also really enjoys playing video games and enjoys them even more when he has someone that is playing with him!

In school, like in most areas of his life, Dakota does really well. He's dedicated and driven in accomplishing his goals.

Dakota has recently made several buddies and, as a social kid, is really happy to have close friendships in his life. He is a very sweet boy who is kind to his friends and to the people in his life.

There are a couple of close relationships in Dakota’s life that are important for him to maintain. An adoptive family who can help Dakota nurture the important bonds he shares with his sisters will be really beneficial for his future.

Dakota would like to be adopted! A family with older brothers and sisters would be a really great fit for Dakota, as he enjoys being around other kids and making friends with everyone. Dakota’s culture is really important to him and a family who is willing and able to embrace cultural events and further educate Dakota on his Native American heritage would be a really positive experience for him. If you are a loving and active family, we want to hear from you! Dakota would love to find the right adoptive family, and we are here to help him.

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