Meet Dakota

Bring up something Dakota loves and you’ll get him talking. Scooters, sports, and his bicycle are at the top of his list of favorite things. He’s a great communicator who especially enjoys learning more a bit more about the world through each new conversation. He’s a writer, appreciates good conversation, and is a social kid.

A very active kid, Dakota is at his happiest when he is outside, playing around with his friends, or even on his own. The adventures of a shiny bicycle or a super slick scooter are all Dakota really needs to have a great day. He enjoys spending time coasting around the neighborhood on one of his two chosen modes of transportation, taking in the sights and sounds of the community. When he isn’t zooming around, you can find Dakota playing one of his favorite sports, probably basketball, soccer, or football. When he’s not playing outside, Dakota likes playing video games, especially when someone can play with him!

Dakota does pretty well in school and seems to be on the lookout for a solid sense of belonging. He’ll often do what his friends and classmates are doing as he learns more about who he is and what brings him joy. Having positive role models around is really beneficial for Dakota, who can model himself and his choices after people who are rooting for him.

There are a couple of close relationships in Dakota’s life that are important for him to maintain. An adoptive family who can help Dakota nurture the important bonds he shares with his sisters will be really beneficial for his future.

Dakota’s team is eager to hear from families where Dakota could have older brothers and sisters to look up to and guide him. Learning more about his Native American heritage is something Dakota is interested in; an adoptive family who will support his culture and keep him connected will be essential.

If you are a loving and active family, we want to hear from you! We're excited to find Dakota the permanent home he deserves.