Meet Taedan

Give this kid a Lego and he will build you a colorful world. (Well, he may need more than one Lego.) Taedan’s creative energy really shines through when he has the chance to sit down and create with his favorite building blocks. Taedan feels super lucky that he actually got to visit LEGOLAND – he was on cloud nine after returning home from the trip. We can confidently say that he would love to go back one day, perhaps with his future adoptive family.

A sweet kid with a dry sense of humor, Taedan will make a great addition to the right family. He’s respectful and fun and enjoys being active as often as possible. He’s pretty into riding his bike and will likely embrace that activity even more when he has a place to call home; a permanent area to explore on his wheels.

Currently in 7th grade, Taedan says that he likes reading the best of his classes. He enjoys his educational program and has made awesome progress in school. He’s dedicated to his own education and will log onto the online portal to check his grades and make sure he knows how well he is doing and what he may need to work on. Taedan has made a few friends in school and likes having them to spend time with. An adoptive family who values education and can help guide and support Taedan throughout middle and high school will be great.

One hobby that Taedan really wants to explore more is his love of musical instruments. Taedan briefly played the trombone and has since moved on to percussions. An adoptive family who can encourage Taedan’s love of music and help him continue to learn to play the instrument of his choice would be very special for him!

Taedan would do well with a patient family who works with Taedan as he transitions into their home. An African American family or a family with ties to the African American community will be ideal for Taedan, who is very connected to his culture. Having an older brother(s) would be a really great thing for Taedan as well – big brothers to look up and mentor him would be wonderful.

If you can see Taedan in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Taedan as part of your family?

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