Meet Jamayas, Jullian, and Dajanara

The love between Jamayas, Jullian, and Dajanara is apparent from the moment you enter a room with them. These three kids are closely bonded to one another and will thrive with an adoptive family who is excited about making each of them a part of their family. They are each individuals with their own interests, passions, and personalities, but overall, they rely on one another for joy, love, and support. Whichever family they end up with, they will certainly be bringing light and love to their home.

Jamayas, the oldest brother, is a very active and energetic kid who brings joy to the world. Especially as he continues to enter his “big kid years,” he would really benefit from playing some kind of sport – it could be fun for him to try a few out in order to find his favorite. Jamayas currently attends a school program that really works for him. Within that program, Jamayas is also enrolled in a head start course which will help better prepare him for the next school year.

Jullian, the middle child, is enrolled in the same education program his brother is. Jullian does well in school and benefits from having teachers or mentors help redirect him when he is distracted. Jullian is an awesome kid who really loves his siblings and will value the chance to continue growing their bond throughout his life.

Dajanara is the much-loved younger sister of Jamayas and Jullian. Her energy matches her brothers’ and her friendliness is contagious. Dajanara is super vocal and chatty and happy. She currently attends daycare and it is recommended she continue in order to develop her positive social and emotional skills.

All three kiddos would do really well with the addition of more child enrichment activities to promote structure and routine as well as enhance their overall social and emotional well-being.

Jamayas, Jullian, and Dajanara will do well in an adoptive family who has a lot of love to give. These three kids would likely do best as the only children in a family, or a family who has much older or grown children. If you can see these bright kids in your family, please reach out to us!

We’re excited to find them the adoptive family they deserve.

Could you see Jamayas, Jullian, and Dajanara as part of your family?

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