Meet KJ and Kedia

Meet siblings Koderro (KJ) and Kedia!

KJ is a charming little boy with an infectious smile. Kedia is a loving and vibrant kid. Both children love to ride their bike and play with toys until the sun goes down. KJ and Kedia thrive on the action and schedule of lots of structured activities to keep them going! They enjoy swimming, gymnastics, and particularly enjoy spending time playing with bubbles. They do well when they’re going places and out and about.

Both KJ and Kedia are making progress academically! With a little supplementary assistance, they are reaching exciting educational milestones. KJ is starting 1st grade. He has made great strides and is now reading at an upper 1st grade level. He can spell his name and will show anyone who asks about it! KJ loves to learn and does well with one on one instruction, especially as he continues to work on structure and following directions. When KJ is provided breaks in between tasks, he is very successful. KJ is also prefers a calm, quiet environment when it comes to his school day. He needs adoptive parents who can encourage KJ as he navigates the world of school.

Kedia has her colors down and can count to at least 10! She knows some of her ABCs but is working on the rest. Most excitedly, she is learning to spell her name. Kedia loves to learn and does well with different types of learning styles. Kedia is starting kindergarten and is really excited! Kedia benefits from preparation and planning when it’s time to transition from one task or activity to another.

Kedia likes to be the boss and she enjoys instructing others; she is quite a character. She and KJ are close and have a very nice sibling relationship.

KJ and Kedia have some important relationships with family members that they will need to maintain, including with an older sister in another state. Adoptive parents will need to be open to keeping up these connections, as well as exploring other recommendations for connecting that might be made over time. Interested families living in California would be of particular interest.

Calm, mature caregivers who can provide consistency and a stable, daily routine will be best for KJ and Kedia. They succeed when they know what to expect and what is expected of them. KJ does well with a gentle and nurturing approach – it is key at times. KJ is also very friendly and needs his caregivers to help him channel that social spirit. KJ loves to help others out and he lights up when he gets positive praises from adults.

KJ and Kedia need an active family who gets right in the mix to play, interact, and engage with kids! These children would do well in a home where they are the only children or where the other children in the home are teenagers. Additionally, it would be beneficial if at least one caregiver is a stay at home parent so they can get showered with the attention that they crave and deserve.

These kids would also benefit from having access to role models, especially racially and culturally, that they can identify with and learn from as they grow. They need a family that will recognize their culture and help them with their identity as they grow.

Above all, KJ and Kedia need a family that will support them and nurture them as they grow into adulthood. Please consider whether you can see this darling sibling group in your family.

Could you see KJ and Kedia as part of your family?

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