Meet Hayden

Hayden is a sweet and likeable kid with an infectious smile. He enjoys staying busy! Hayden stays active by riding his bike, swimming, and playing soccer. He cherishes a cozy movie night and hearing a bedtime story, especially Cat in the Hat or Frog and Toad. Hayden also really enjoys taking a bubble bath with toys before he puts on his footie pajamas for bed. He loves playing with Hot Wheels and getting creative as he builds tracks!

*vroom vroom*

He does well in independent activities, where he is able to shine. Hayden can be affectionate and does enjoy hugs at times. Hayden has a long list of favorite foods, including cereal and peanut butter on a spoon! He also adores pizza and cheeseburgers, in addition to strawberries, watermelon, and bananas.

Hayden has headed off to first grade optimistically, especially after having made significant improvements throughout this past school year. Hayden does best when his teachers and caregivers work closely together to create a thoughtful plan that helps him to succeed.

It is so important that Hayden's adoptive parents keep him connected to all the significant people in his life, including his siblings and former foster parents. Hayden needs caregivers who can ensure a consistent and predictable future. He will need adults in his life who can support and cheer him on in all areas!

Hayden needs a strong and supportive household, with a parent or parents who will love him unconditionally and devote lots of quality time into building their relationship. It will be important for Hayden’s family to have a community support system with lots of folks able to be there for Hayden and his new family. He will need to be the youngest or the only child in the home so he can soak up his new family’s full focus. Hayden likes to be independent, but he also longs for love and commitment. He is a wonderful child with so much potential; when he feels connected, this shines through.

Hayden would benefit most from having an adoptive family who will provide him with structure, routine, and flexibility. He needs parents who can give consistency in their day to day living and parenting. A family who exudes patience, love, and affection will help Hayden to feel safe. Don’t forget some fun and much needed humor as well! Hayden deserves to capture the spotlight and has been waiting for a family’s full undivided attention.

If you’re ready to take a one-way drive to permanency with this energetic little guy, please consider adopting Hayden.

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