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When Tobias explains his ideal adoptive family, the word “adventure” just might pop up. What kind of adventures, one might wonder? Well, recently Tobias received a motorized mini-bike for Christmas – now everyone in the household has one! The day Tobias got his, he spent four hours riding it in the alley behind his house. Tobaias’s passion for life is so joyfully contagious – good thing he loves sharing his enthusiasm with everyone.

A super social and friendly kid, Tobias is a great conversationalist with an engaging personality. Simply put, Tobias loves people! He genuinely cares how someone’s day is going and is always enthusiastic about lending a helping hand. The people in Tobias’s life enjoy conversing with him as much as he does. Tobias takes pride in his strengths, one of which is the ability to clearly follow directions. Family activities and outings are some of Tobias’s favorite activities (adventures!), and he looks forward to experiencing even more with his future adoptive family. Tobias has explained that he would be so happy with an adoptive family who is into sports, trips, camping, games, and just being outside in general! Tobias is super active and has enjoyed everything from boating to intertubing.

Tobias attends church and would really like to continue to do so with his adoptive family. He also looks forward to many more camping trips in his future.

Tobias is great at verbalizing how he’s feeling and recognizing when he needs time to himself. He has a great time playing with other kids, and does especially well with younger children. Having a caring, attentive adult who can provide positive reinforcement is a huge benefit for Tobias. He really looks up to and is positively influenced by positive adult role models and just loves spending time with his foster family.

Currently in the 8th grade, Tobias does his best work when he can benefit from a small classroom environment. Having lots of one-on-one time is preferred! Though Tobias prefers in-person learning, he has made awesome progress with virtual learning. In particular, Tobias is really eager to volunteer to read to his class. Having an adoptive family who will be educational advocates for Tobias will be important.

Tobias has a very close relationship with his biological brother Caleb and enjoys being able to spend lots of time with him. He will want his adoptive family to help him maintain this important relationship. Additional, Tobias’s social worker would love to hear from families who are interested in potentially adopting the two brothers together.

Tobias got together with his brother Caleb for a Wednesday's Child video. These videos are courtesy of KXLY 4 News, and because the video is hosted by KXLY, an ad may play before viewing.

More than anything, Tobias wants to have a permanent home where he will be loved and nurtured. Tobias would do well in any family that can provide him with plenty of time and attention. Nurturing and loving couples or single moms and dads would be a great fit to match Tobias’s big heart. This social kid would do well with older or younger siblings – as long as they are excited to get out and go on adventures together! (Though Tobias would like to note that he would appreciate his own room!) Active, fun-loving families who appreciate enthusiasm and a great sense of humor will be a great fit for Tobias.

If you’d like to learn more about this great kid, let us know! We would be so happy to find the right adoptive family for Tobias.

Portraits by Chris Lui.

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