Meet Rhylee

The world “helpful” is something that accurately describes Rhylee, but not in all of the ways you might think. Sure, she’s helpful around the house, but her compassion goes a step further than being responsible with her chores. One of Rhylee’s favorite activities includes volunteering. In the past, that came in the form of joining a work crew to help the state parks with trail improvement and park cleanups over the summer months. Not only was Rhylee able to spend time at the beach, the park, and campgrounds, but she was able to accomplish something as part of a team. Rhylee is big on teamwork. She really enjoys the feeling of community and jumps at the chance to be a part of something bigger. Community outings with church groups, singing in the choir, and playing on the basketball team are just a few examples of what Rhylee enjoys in her life.Rhylee really appreciates the chance to help and contribute to special events and celebrations.

Rhlyee has a positive attitude and is often walking around with a big smile on her face. Rhlyee is pleasant to be around and has been called cooperative and courteous. Rhlyee loves to be active and enjoys taking leisurely walks, riding her bike, swimming, and hiking nature trails. Music and dance are also a big part of her life. Rhlyee’s participation in the choir is important to her and she is always eager about the next performance. Recently, Rhlyee has found herself fascinated by cooking and baking and enjoys learning more about diet, nutrition, and the science behind both activities.

Currently in the 9th grade, Rhlyee has always really enjoyed school. She also does well in her classes. Rhlyee learns best when she has one-on-one attention from her teachers or mentors and is able to learn at her own pace. Lots of direction and support is helpful for Rhylee as she navigates the tougher subjects in class.

Rhlyee would really like to be adopted. Nurturing, supportive parents with a relaxed lifestyle would be a great fit for Rhylee’s personality. A family with pets who enjoys family outings and lots of group activities would be preferable. Rhylee will need a family who is patient and eager to teach her the skills she’ll utilize throughout her life. Rhylee is also happy to have older siblings – people she can look up to and grow with.

If you are interested in learning more about Rhlyee, please let us know. We are excited to find this great girl the adoptive family she deserves.

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