Meet Gabe

The beauty, the healing power of music, the way we feel when our favorite song comes on the radio – Gabe understands this sensation. A musically inclined teen, Gabe enjoys playing the guitar and the piano, talents he has honed in on over recent years. Gabe is talented enough that he is able to play music by ear – he hears a tune, and he plays that tune. He has a wide variety of music that he enjoys, but tuning into throwback hip-hop stations in the car is a regular occurrence for him.

Music is everything, but Gabe has other hobbies as well. Gabe is a skateboarder, a video game player, an artist, a drawer. He is a very social kid, with tightknit friendships, and lots of people who care about him. A natural leader, Gabe is always at the front of the pack. His great sense of humor and charismatic persona lends itself to familiarity and comfort. Simply put, people enjoy hanging out with Gabe.

Heading into his sophomore year of high school, Gabe does well in school when he is motivated. He is a bright student who appreciates encouragement, but doesn’t need any extra assistance. Before he entered high school, Gabe enjoyed exploring extracurricular activities. Previously, Gabe was a Sea Scout and worked with his school’s basketball team to help keep score at games. In school, art may be Gabe’s favorite subject .He is a talented artist who likes to draw, at school and outside of it as a hobby. With the right focus and energy, Gabe’s goals and future endeavors will definitely be a success.

Those who know him refer to Gabe as a “super likable kid” who can always make you laugh. He can be reserved when you first meet, but Gabe opens up quickly. He genuinely enjoys being around people, and people enjoy being around Gabe. One really fun fact about Gabe is his high-end taste in everything from fashion to cologne. He can spot a Louis Vuitton purse or a pair of fashionable jeans from a mile away. When Gabe is an adult, he would like to make enough money to supplement his life of luxury. (Or at least be able to have a few nice cologne options.)

Gabe has a very close and special relationship with his grandmother. He is able to visit and chat with her and would appreciate continuing this bond even as he transitions into an adoptive family. His grandmother is incredibly important to him, and a family who can understand and support that relationship would be the best for Gabe.

Gabe would thrive in a stable family, especially one with a strong male role model. Gabe stays motivated when he has a strong father figure in his life, something that all of the adults in his life believe to be true. Gabe is a goal-oriented teenager who thrives when he is optimistic and inspired. A family who can support Gabe as he navigates the world of high school and his teenage years would be really beneficial for him. Gabe likes animals and would be happy with brothers and sisters. He wants to have a family to love and support him, and a place to call home. If you are interested in learning more about a creative and funny teen, please let us know. We would really like to find Gabe the adoptive family he deserves.

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