Meet Faith

Special Note: (Guardianship or Long Term Care) Needed

This child is waiting for a loving, committed family who can provide long lasting care. While adoption is not an option presently, Faith still needs permanency through a guardianship family. Learn more about Guardianship here.

Say hello to Faith! This outgoing girl is very friendly, engaging, and affectionate with an amazing smile to top it off. She is honest and assertive. With her great sense of humor, she is funny and has lots to say. Faith is very social and enjoys being around other people including large family groups.

Faith is an energetic dynamo. She likes riding her bike, dancing, exercising with her foster parent, and is currently in a girls’ running group. She loves jumping on trampolines. Faith has a lot of spirit and a great imagination! She enjoys coloring, playing outdoors, and listening to music is especially important to her. She likes going to the park, attending church, and going out to eat. Her favorite food in the world is ice-cream. Faith is an adventurous girl who likes to try new things and have new experiences.

Both very bright and insightful, Faith is a quick learner. She likes to write and is a good reader. She does very well in school with the right support and encouragement. Faith is very likable and has made friends at school. She has a strong and vibrant personality—she’s a girl who wants to be in the know! Faith is also quite observant and inquisitive.

Faith loves animals, especially dogs. She likes playing with them and has been helpful with the care and feeding of the animals at her foster home. She has also spent some time around horses, which is very special to her.

Faith responds well to adults who give calm redirection and who can offer a consistent routine. Faith needs parents who have the patience, energy, and time to help keep her focused and thriving.

Faith has strong connections to a number of folks in her life. She needs a family who will be able support and facilitate these family connections in the best ways for Faith. Her current foster family would also love to remain in her life.

Faith is excited to meet her permanent family. She has so many positive qualities and will make a great addition to any family interested in adding a little fun and energy to their lives. Fans of ice-cream and dogs are a must! If you can see Faith in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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