Meet Lincoln

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"This is the most amazing kid and it breaks my heart that the right family has not come forward. I absolutely adore this kid with all my heart. He is so bright, talented, and so much more." ~Previous caregiver

Meet Lincoln, an intelligent and curious child with a great smile.

Caring and lovable Lincoln has a strong desire to please others. A great conversationalist, he often asks questions and remembers details about the people he is speaking with. His wonderful sense of humor makes him particularly enjoyable to engage with. Lincoln has a vivid imagination and loves to play. He is all about riding his bike and shooting hoops. In fact, basketball is a great outlet for him and he will gravitate toward this activity when he needs some time to himself. Lincoln also loves playing with Legos and is quite talented with this hobby, as evidenced by the large and elaborate structures he often creates. Lincoln appreciates new and exciting opportunities and enjoys a variety of outings and other community activities. Like many children his age, Lincoln happily plays video games but he relishes playing outside just as much. His favorite foods include hamburgers, hot dogs, and McFlurrys. Lincoln is an endearing child who has been able to formulate strong connections with those in his life who he feels he can trust and depend on.

Lincoln is a bright child who displays strong thinking and reasoning abilities. He has thrived in a school environment that provides a great deal of structure and personalization. Lincoln enjoys learning new things and is interested in a variety of topics.

Lincoln maintains relationships with several people who have been in his life and who are important to him. It would be in Lincoln’s best interest for these relationships to be maintained to whatever extent possible and it is expected that Lincoln’s adoptive family support these connections.

Lincoln is an endearing child who has been able to formulate strong connections with those in his life who he feels he can trust and depend on. He needs to know that his adults will be there for him! It is important that Lincoln’s adoptive family helps him to feel included and accepted. He needs caregivers who are willing and able to consistently take the time to build him up and advocate for whatever he needs. Lincoln responds well to positive encouragement as well as adults with calm and cool demeanors. He thrives with one-on-one attention from his caregivers and he beams when his positivity is rewarded.

Lincoln would do best in a home with no other children, or with children who are older and more independent, so he can be the star in a family. A family who is active and enjoys a variety of activities would be a great match for him. He has specifically requested a family that would support his love of swimming. Lincoln would do well living with pets and is particularly fond of fish, cats, and dogs. Lincoln is an engaging child who deserves the security that a permanent family can provide.

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