Meet Caleb

Caleb is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Favorite person: His brother, Tobias
Talented: With a screwdriver
Loves: His electric scooter
Wants: To find an adoptive family

He enjoys a good conversation, whether with adults, peers, or his family. And there’s a few interests that Caleb is always ready to talk more about. Recently, his In-Depth Profile gave him the chance to grab the camera, and share some of his top priorities directly with the families who are checking out his page.

Caleb wanted to hold the camera and share a few things directly with potential adoptive families.

Some of which can be seen in his self-directed video, Caleb’s favorite activities include riding his scooter, playing with his remote control cars, riding his bike, listening to music, and organizing things. He also loves spending time outside, especially going on long walks, which is a daily occurrence. Caleb also has a deep appreciation for old appliances and loves to take them apart – he can spend long hours occupying himself that way. Not too long ago, Caleb decided to attempt to make his own shoes with wheels on them by deconstructing a skateboard and attaching to his sneakers. It didn’t quite work as well as he hoped, but the experiment really speaks to how innovative Caleb can be.

A social worker that knows Caleb well also wanted to contribute a few of her very favorite things about Caleb.

Caleb consistently expresses his appreciation for a nurturing family. He enjoys his current foster home; where he is able to build relationships with adults who give him time and attention. The people in Caleb’s life build trust by showing interest in his preferred activities, engaging in conversation with him, and acknowledging his questions and ideas. Caleb is also great with following through. If he is asked to do something, there is no question it will happen. He loves making people smile, and that comes through in so much of his day-to-day activities.

Caleb is also an “animal whisperer.” A home where he can stretch out and have plenty of space to play outside with the household pets would be truly ideal for him. Caleb has also identified music as a very effective way to relax.

Almost in the 9th grade, Caleb does best in a small classroom setting. He is able to stay on track in the classroom with mentors and teachers who take an interest in his education. He does a great job in his classes and enjoys school. He also gets along really well with other kids and is sociable and welcoming.

Caleb says, "when stuff is broken I like to try and rebuild it. Or, you know, see what's wrong with it."

Besides his tinkering habits, Caleb really enjoys getting out and being active. He doesn’t have much fear when it comes to trying new adventurous sports. He loves to climb any and everything and also likes the chance to get out and explore on his bike or skates. Anything outdoorsy is high on Caleb’s list of favorite things.

There are people in Caleb’s life that have known him for a long time and can speak to his character in a genuine way. It wasn’t too long ago that one of these folks said, “He is one of the wittiest kids I know.” There plenty more who would agree!

Caleb really wants to be adopted. Caleb would do well in any size family, with siblings, or without. As aforementioned, Caleb really likes animals and would love to live in a home with pets.

Caleb says, "my In-Depth Profile has been good for looking for a family for me and my brother."

Caleb was really glad he could share a few things directly with families by making his own video. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out his entire “selfie-style” video above.

Caleb also has a relationship with his biological brother Tobias that is really significant to him, and who he specifically mentions in his In-Depth Profile video. An adoptive family who will consider adopting both kids together, or who will support this relationship and be supportive of them spending lots of time together would be a great fit for both Caleb and Tobias.

Portraits by Chris Lui.

Beyond the Profile: Something that I really want to point out from behind the scenes of getting to work with Caleb is that he 100% puts a smile on my face, every time I’ve gotten to see him. He comes across as fun, funny, and genuine, and I truly look forward to each interaction. The time we spent working together to record his In-Depth Profile video was no exception. He rolled forward some fun ideas, helped pick where to film, and what stories to share. I hope that the potential adoptive families out there see all the great things I do in him, and reach out to learn a little more.
- Brandon Adams, Youth Engagement Specialist