Meet Mathias

Two things Mathias will always have close by are Legos and his tablet. Legos, especially, rule in the world of Mathias; he is super creative and can spend hours imagining and building all kinds of cool and interesting things. Though he loves to immerse himself in his own colorful, magical Lego world, it sometimes can also be an opportunity to make connections with peers, which he really wants to do. While he can be a little shy initially, he’s gradually working on breaking through some of that shyness and building up his social skills. When he’s not constructing a master Lego creation or playing a favorite game on his tablet, you’ll likely find Mathias playing outside. He loves spending time in the great outdoors, especially if he gets the chance to go swimming or hang out at the park.

A creative kid, Mathias also really enjoys drawing and coloring and really focuses on creating intricate patterns in his pictures. He’s also really into painting, another creative endeavor!

Heading into the 5th grade, Mathias has made a lot of progress with good support in place. He benefits from participating in extra educational activities in a small group setting outside the classroom. An adoptive family who will support his strengths, provide endless encouragement, and be his greatest educational advocates could make all the difference for Mathias.

Mathias's worker is especially interested in hearing from families who can provide plenty of love and attention. They also think he would thrive in a family where he can be the only child or with one or two much older siblings, and maybe a pet! An adoptive family who could provide support as he continues to make progress in building relationships with peers would be beneficial for him. Additionally, an adoptive family who excels at supporting and understanding Mathias’s transition process and can be patient and open with him will especially help him get comfortable in a new home. Mathias is a super helpful kid and really enjoys being able to contribute to his home where he can. He takes his chores seriously!

If you can envision this creative kid in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Mathias as part of your family?