Meet Nicky

Dominic, also known as “Nicky” is a youth who is constantly lighting up the room!

Nicky loves being outside, and particularly enjoyed last summer, when he had the chance to visit some water exhibits at local parks and hit up some splash pads! He enjoyed sitting in the small pools of water and splashing around. If it’s too cold for playing in the water, Nicky is also a big fan of being on the swings at a playground!

Indoors, there are a number of things that keep Nicky smiling. He loves playing with sensory toys that make noise or light up. Nicky also likes books and listening to music! His favorite songs are “You Are My Sunshine” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

In elementary school, Nicky is working hard on meeting his goals! Nicky’s team is excited to hear from families who will continue to support his progress and learning! School is something that he is very excited about and loves to get up and get ready for in the morning.

Nicky is described as being a snuggly, social kid! He loves hugs, and being close to the people in his life that he cares most about! He responds to people in ways that indicates that he recognizes them.

Any family configuration would work for Nicky, but his team is especially excited to hear from families in western Washington with the capability of giving Nicky all the love, attention, and support that he deserves. Other youth in the home are fine, too, as Nicky enjoys being around other kids!

Nicky has important biological connections in his life, including with his mom, who is involved in his progress and wishes to continue to have a relationship with Nicky. A family willing to support Nicky and help him maintain these important connections throughout his lifetime will be in his best interest.

Can you see this awesome youth in your family? Reach out to us! We’re excited to find Nicky the permanent home and support he deserves.

Could you see Nicky as part of your family?