Meet Deja

Journaling is a relaxing, invigorating creative outlet for so many people, Deja included. But what takes journaling to the next step? A good gel pen. One of Deja’s passions is journaling, especially when it’s enhanced by her own creative touch. When Deja isn’t journaling, or maybe while she is, she is likely listening to rap or R&B music – listening to music is one of her other favorite things in life. A book lover, Deja also enjoys trips to the library.

An active kid, Deja enjoys playing football, soccer, and basketball – all for fun, not competitively. She would likely benefit from being involved in a community group like the YMCA or anywhere else that can support her interest in physical activity.

At the end of her 10th grade year, Deja realized that traditional high school isn’t the right fit for her and has expressed an interest in entering a GED program or an alternative high school program. She has been working closely with an educational mentor who is helping her decide what the best next steps are. Deja would benefit from an adoptive family who can encourage and guide her toward whatever she’d like to do next.

Deja really wants to find the right adoptive family, preferably in the Pacific Northwest. Above all else, she wants to belong.

An adoptive family who is open, respectful, and supportive of all communities will be the best fit for Deja. She would prefer to be the only child, though she is open to having older siblings in her life. Families who genuinely enjoy teenagers and are eager to parent and mentor Deja are strongly encouraged to reach out.

If you can see Deja in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Could you see Deja as part of your family?

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