Meet Aaron

An inquisitive, bright, and social young man, Aaron is a great kid with an entertaining sense of humor. Naturally curious, Aaron is always asking questions in order to figure out why and how things work – everything from a complex machine to the simplest tool. Aaron has been called a “really neat kid” who is a great conversationalist and always keeps you on your toes. Above all, Aaron just really values learning. He has an engineer’s brain; when he sees something, he likes to figure out exactly what it is and how it functions. When you spend time with Aaron, brush up on your general knowledge and be prepared for thoughtful questions!

As he begins the 11th grade in the fall, Aaron has made noticeable progress in school. He does well with one on one attention and a teacher or mentor to help keep him motivated with his studies. As previously mentioned, Aaron has an engineering mind and is particularly drawn to computers, technology, and tech-centered subjects, both in and outside of the classroom. A natural learner, Aaron has the ability to do very well in school.

Aaron has an effortless ability to connect with adults, especially those close to him. He highly values his relationships with significant adults in his life and thrives on quality time spent with them.

In the past, Aaron took a photography class that he was very drawn to, and may be interested in pursuing photography in his future. Paired with Aaron’s interest in computers is his love of taking things apart and putting them back together – an act that helps him discover how something works internally. Racing video games, drawing, and reading are all on Aaron’s list of favorite things as well.

Recently, Aaron has honed in on his love of culinary arts. Though cooking was a passing interest for him before, Aaron has become fascinated by the art of creating with food. He is beginning a culinary program and hopes to continue to develop his love of cooking – possibly into a career one day!

Aaron also really enjoys the outdoors; the serenity of nature provides a lot of calm for him. One of his favorite activities is going for a long walk to clear his mind and take in the world around him. In the future, Aaron would love to be involved in more camping and hiking trips – anything that would help him experience more of the outside world.

Aaron is an excellent self-advocate and is willing to make compromises. He is especially responsive to calm responses, direct answers to his questions, concrete timelines, open and honest communication, and positive reinforcements. Aaron really appreciates being prepared ahead of time for what to expect each day. Knowing exactly what to expect helps him feel more secure.

Aaron would really like to be adopted. Active families with a background in technology, a love of the outdoors, or an interest in photography would be wonderful for Aaron! Aaron will do best with structure, honest communication, and calm and patient parenting. If you are a family that would welcome the opportunity to help a smart and kind teen navigate the rest of his adolescence and become a successful adult, we want to hear from you soon. We would love to find Aaron the adoptive family he deserves.

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