Meet Taiden

Charismatic and playful, Taiden has a flair for drama, and people who know him say they will not be surprised to see him on stage one day. Right in line with his love of theater and singing, Taiden’s very favorite movie is Frozen. He is big on using his imagination to have a good time. Taiden’s favorite activities are dressing up, singing and dancing, and riding his bike. You can frequently find Taiden practicing his swimming – and he also loves gymnastics! Taiden wants families to know that he also loves Fortnite and riding his electric scooter.

Empathetic and likeable with a great sense of humor, Taiden is a really loving kid. He has lots of energy, an excellent memory, and is super bright. He's excited about finding an adoptive family and has shown some awesome positive changes lately. His team and everyone who cares for Taiden is hopeful that finding the right adoptive family will keep him motivated to continue hitting his personal goals.

When at school or in the community, Taiden has no problem joining in on activities alongside his friends and neighbors. Currently in the 4th grade, Taiden did really well with online schooling and was able to navigate it well. School staff and his teachers all speak highly of Taiden. He’s a smart kid whose team is hopeful with the right family's support will continue to be successful in school.

Taiden’s team thinks the best family fit for Taiden will be one with high energy and enthusiasm! Taiden likes to have fun! An adoptive family who prioritizes having fun together and who is super active and can play with Taiden, who loves to get out and expend some energy, would be great. Additionally, structure and clear expectations in place are super helpful for Taiden as he learns about a new home and family. He really appreciates being offered choices and given some control over things that are important to him. His new family will also need to be supportive as Taiden grows up and continues to explore his identity and who he’ll be in the future.

If you can see Taiden in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

In-Depth Profile coming soon. Check back!

Taiden has been working with our staff to share some of his favorite activities and his hopes for the future! He's excited to share directly with potential adoptive families so they can see his stuffed animal collection, his favorite books, his love for dressing up, and his thoughts on the future. Check back over the next couple weeks to see his full In-Depth Profile when it launches.

Could you see Taiden as part of your family?