Meet Uriah

One of the most important aspects of Uriah’s life is his passion for 4-H. He absolutely loves being involved in 4-H and is very talented at making a connection with the animals. Uriah does an amazing job with any and every 4-H project he’s been involved with. His caregiver says he has been extremely successful in the program and it is a big motivator for him to stay positive and motivated. An adoptive family who will keep Uriah enrolled in 4-H or other animal-based programs will be important for him.

Uriah is able to make sure his needs are met by being vocal – he’s a very clear communicator, especially when it comes to expressing his opinions. He’s a driven kid who is often very nice and thoughtful and shares without being prompted to do so. Uriah likes to participate in activities with his peers. He’s an athletic kid who particularly enjoys playing soccer and baseball with his friends and peers. Uriah is also a competitive cross country runner who would love to keep up with it throughout his school years. Uriah also enjoys riding his bike, riding his skateboard, playing video games, and playing outside.

6th grade wrapped up nicely for Uriah, who finished the school year very positively. As he enters the 7th grade, an adoptive family who can keep him motivated and driven would be a great benefit. Uriah’s favorite subject is math and he’s an extremely hardworking student. Uriah can be very cooperative, and with the help of an adoptive family, he will be able to thrive even more in school.

Uriah will do well in an adoptive family with a single dad, single mom, or two parent family. Being the younger sibling of much older kids will also offer Uriah some guidance and friendship – something he will benefit from throughout his life.

If you can see Uriah in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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