Meet Mathias

Step into Mathias’s world of pure imagination. Whether it be creating entire cities out of Legos, immersing himself in fantasy lands from his favorite books, or getting lost in learning about historic events, Mathias loves creating adventures he can dream about and share with the adults in his life.

His interest in world history really stands out to his foster mom who describes his curiosity as a genuine interest in the past and wanting to understand how and why events that shaped the world occurred. Mathias loves having conversations about all of the things he’s interested in.

Unsurprisingly, movies are another favorite of Mathias’s. Curling up with some popcorn and a good fantasy story is a go-to way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Currently in the 6th grade, Mathias is learning how to use his enthusiasm and excitement to benefit his education. With support and direction from his teachers he can really dive into school projects and develop good understanding of the topics presented to him. A family who can help Mathias focus on his assignments and advocate for him at school will go a long way in ensuring his continued academic success.

Mathias really enjoys indoor activities that involve creativity, imagination, and building, but recently he’s been discovering a love for the outdoors too. Specifically camping, hiking, and fishing. Mathias got to spend time camping with a group this past summer and is looking forward to doing more of it in his future. An active family who appreciates spending at home time together, while also engaging in outdoor activities would be a great fit.

Mathias has expressed a desire to be adopted, and almost any family configuration could work. A family with connections to their community and lots of support would be a great fit for Mathias. If you can see this awesome kid in your family, please reach out! Mathias’s team is excited to find the perfect adoptive family.

Could you see Mathias as part of your family?