Meet Faith

Pull up a chair and stay awhile, because Faith is a social butterfly who loves being in the company of others! Hanging out with her friends and being around the people in her life that she’s closest with is definitely Faith’s favorite pastime. And when her friends aren’t around? She knows they’re always just a text or phone call away! Faith loves staying connected.

When it’s time for a little bit of downtime, Faith loves curling up with a good book. Especially if that book is a murder mystery—her favorite genre! Other activities Faith likes to do in her spare time include doing her makeup, listening to music, and playing video games.

Faith is a big animal lover. She currently lives with a cat and would love to have even more cats in her future!

In the 10th grade, Faith has really been finding her stride and learning what subjects are the most important to her. Right now, that’s biology and reading! Faith’s ultimate goal is to become a marine biologist! She has been spending a lot of time looking into what the necessary steps are to becoming a marine biologist and is looking forward to her future. Faith’s caseworker says she is “intelligent and has the capabilities to accomplish any goal she is motivated to do.”

Faith is learning how to advocate for her needs and things that she knows will help her. Her caseworker has described her as “understanding, kind, and open-minded.” He particularly loves her ability to make people laugh and feel welcomed.

While a little unsure, Faith says she is open to the idea of adoption. She really likes the idea of having stability, love and compassion as she continues to grow up. Faith is open to all sorts of family configurations.

Faith has a strong connection with her biological sister. A family who is willing to help nurture and maintain that relationship for Faith would be the best fit for her.

If you can see Faith in your family, please reach out! We’re excited to help Faith find the permanency she deserves.

Could you see Faith as part of your family?