Meet Christopher

Christopher is ready to set sail! One of his favorite pastimes at the moment is watching boats out on the water. He’s hopeful that someday he’ll even get a chance to ride in a boat! Any kind of boat will do, too! Christopher also loves to go kayaking. If water is involved, he’s there!

When he’s not outside dreaming of his next big adventure, you can often find him inside playing some video games or having some down time listening to music. His current favorite genre of music is rap.

The folks around him describe him as being funny and having a great sense of humor. Christopher is very caring and has formed great connections with many of the adults in his life.

In the 9th grade, Christopher is getting adjusted to being a high schooler! He’s really into his art classes at the moment but knows that there’s still a lot of time for him to figure out what he might like to do in the future.

Christopher is a great advocate for himself. He’s very open with his thoughts and feelings, and down to chat with the people in his life that he’s close to. He’s willing to show his emotions when he needs to!

An animal lover, Christopher is excited for the potential to be in a home with pets—specifically dogs and/or cats! As long as those pets aren’t farm animals or reptiles, Christopher is down!

Christopher has shared with his worker that his ideal family would have a mom and a dad, and he has also said that he would like to have siblings around his age or older. Something he’s also excited for is having his own room! Christopher has mentioned his desire to be adopted.

Christopher would especially love to hear from families in Washington, but is also open to hearing from other families, too, if it feels like the right fit.

If you can see this awesome, creative teen in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to help find Christopher the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Christopher as part of your family?