Meet Izzy

Everything she does, she makes her own. Izzy is an energetic kid who thrives when she has the chance to be active and involved in nearly anything. Currently, she is on a dance team and she swims and she’s very committed to keeping both of those activities in her life. Izzy will most likely be successful in anything she does, and she’s already dabbled in so much. She really enjoys music, cheerleading, and dancing, and her social worker is pretty sure she’d be a super actress if she ever gets involved in the world of theatrics. Izzy also enjoys kicking back with a good movie, but is more likely to be found playing hard in the park like the go-getter she is.

More than anything, Izzy just wants to be the best version of herself that she can be.

In school, Izzy’s teachers have nothing but encouraging things to say about her. They say she is a pleasure, she’s very fun, and she’s a great kid to watch grow and become more confident in her education. Having an adoptive family who will support Izzy and cheer her on while encouraging her to get excited about her education would be an awesome addition to her life. Izzy will soar and be a great learner with the proper support.

Witty and funny, Izzy will make a great addition to the right adoptive family. Izzy identifies strongly with her African American heritage and craves diversity in her life – she wants to be around people who look like her and can identify with her. Having positive Black representation in her life would be endlessly beneficial to her growth.

Izzy has a close relationship with her biological sister. An adoptive family who will encourage and support this bond throughout her life will be essential.

Full of potential, vibrant energy, and self-assuredness, Izzy is a real gift to the world. She is extremely helpful and is always willing to work hard on herself and for others. She responds respectfully to boundaries and rules and thrives with a routine, especially if it’s packed full of fun extracurricular activities. A family who will continue to boost her confidence while introducing her to new things will be great for Izzy.

Izzy will do well in a family with a single mom or two parents with a strong maternal influence. Other kids in the home are fine, especially if they are older. Izzy would do best in a family where she can have lots of quality time with her adoptive parent(s). Izzy would be great with a family who at least shares some aspects of her cultural background and can introduce her to people who understand her on the deepest levels.

If you can envision Izzy in your family, please let us know! We’re excited to find this awesome kid the adoptive family she deserves.

Could you see Izzy as part of your family?

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