Meet Austin

If there’s a basketball court nearby, it’s a good bet you’ll find Austin there – hoisting jump shots and dribbling from end to end. And if there’s an open playfield, he’s probably out there throwing a football, catching passes, and running routes. Austin is in his element when he’s outside and active. He’s a quick starter in almost anything he attempts, who keeps on working at something until he gets it right. He even says getting onto a basketball court in his free time helps him center himself after a long day and cope with any stress he might be feeling. His favorite player since he was younger? Kevin Durant.

Austin is a kindhearted teenager who enjoys building relationships and interacting with caring adults. Austin loves learning, and is eager to learn all about the world beyond his own little piece of it. He would love to travel, at least around the country, and see new and different things, as well as camping and hiking more often close to home! Austin is super social and loves spending time with his friends. He likes to keep up with what’s new and popular, is always laughing or making someone laugh, and he just really likes to have fun.

Austin loves electronics. He is naturally proficient on a computer and would likely enjoy learning about web design, computer repair and other facets of technology. Recently, he was able to demonstrate his mad skills by fixing a glitch on his worker’s tablet! She was amazed watching him go through the steps to get everything working again.

Now in 11th grade, Austin does pretty well in school. He plays sports and has enjoyed playing on the school’s basketball team in the past! During his first year in high school, he joined ROTC. An adoptive family who can encourage and help keep Austin focused as he finishes up school would be a great asset to him. Having parents available for Austin to talk to about anything and provide support and encouragement would go a long way towards building upon his successes.

Austin would really like to be a part of a family; to have a place to call home. Having an older sibling who could be a role model, mentor, and friend would be a wonderful fit for Austin, in addition to the relationship (and help with homework!) from a family would be great. Austin is proud of the progress he’s made and wants to continue to move forward in positive ways. If you are a couple, single dad, or single mom with an appreciation for travel, the outdoors and sports, reach out to us!

Could you see Austin as part of your family?

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