Meet William "Will"

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“I consider myself to be a young amateur scientist and I like astronomy” is how this cute kid endearingly describes himself!

Sweet William is a funny and friendly guy. “Will”, as he likes to be called, has a fantastic smile! He is a wonderful boy who is friendly, curious and inquisitive. Will is very easygoing with both kids and adults. He loves animals and would do well with an animal of his own. Will’s favorite thing to do right now is play laser tag! He also really enjoys sword play. Things that make him happy are friends, video games and a sunny day where he can be outside.

Will really depends on familiarity and a known and set routine. Consistency makes him comfortable; change creates discomfort. It is really important for Will to know what to expect and to have life move slowly, predictably and reliably. He is not a child to be hurried or rushed. He needs very thoughtful and patient parents who are willing to take the time to plan and create a daily environment that feels steady and secure. Will rarely gets angry, and when he does he prefers to go in his room and spend time alone. Will does not like confrontation or arguments. While he is not a snuggly kid per say, Will still deserves a family’s tender love and care just as much as any other kid.

In school, Will’s strongest subject is math and his greatest nemesis is writing. A prospective adoptive family needs to be engaged and consistent with his schooling, as well as strong advocates for his educational needs. It will be important for his family to maintain structure, routine and rules consistent between environments. These practices will help him learn to feel safe, and trust his caregivers to be reliable.

In order to fully develop his many talents, interests, and potential, Will is going to need a family who can implement innovative approaches that match and work for Will specifically. A family will need to identify how to support him while balancing the needs of their family as whole. For instance, Will is not fond of new textures and different foods. He will need creative cooks and servers in the kitchen to help him feel inspired to try a variety of nutritional foods. Will responds so well to specific praise, positive attention and tangible rewards in environments where he has one-on-one attention. He needs parents who are patient and can build on his strengths. Will also has a variety of previous relationships in his life that he will need a family’s support to maintain in some way.

Will would prefer what he calls a “simple family” and would ideally welcome and feel most comfortable with a two-mom family, perhaps a single mom, or even a mom and dad; and possibly some siblings. He would really appreciate his own room. Will needs a loving family who also has a solid knowledge or experience with children who follow their own learning path. Parents that can provide a highly structured, consistent, and responsive environment would be ideal for this youth.

Could you see William "Will" as part of your family?

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