Meet Manuel

Manny is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

Loves to play: Axis & Allies board game
Future goal: Join the Marines
Not-so-secret skill: Swimming
Looking for: A permanent family

Manny (who also goes by Manuel) is a teenager with a vision for his future. He is a hard worker who thoughtfully sets out the goals he wants to achieve. His first and foremost goals? Attend college and join the Marines. He is passionate about charting out the steps ahead and then tackling what it takes to achieve them. He’d like to study medicine or engineering and enroll in the Naval Academy. Anyone who knows him can see his passion and motivation for these dreams!

Recording a long conversation gave Manny the space he desired to share. Listen in!

Manny loves to spend time playing strategic games. Axis and Allies is a personal favorite, as well as video games that require thinking and strategy. He likes to build complicated Lego sets on his own and spend time racing RC cars around. Staying active often involves swimming when the weather allows. Previously, he took Kung Fu classes and would like to return to those in the future. When he needs a little quiet and recharging time, he often reaches for one of his favorite Fantasy/Sci-Fi novels.

Manny is a natural leader. He often takes on this role in social circles and enjoys helping others whenever they need something, even going out of his way to do so. He has an easygoing, go-with-the flow attitude that makes him a great team player and very enjoyable to be around. Known by others as helpful, quiet, and kind, Manny has no problem talking at length about the things he loves. That could be a recent book, a game, or plans for his future. His caseworker knows him to be a very thoughtful teenager. He chooses his words with intention and engages in meaningful conversations.

Manny had a lot to share, especially about his love of history and building. Don't miss part 2!

Manny has a special ability to make the best out of a hard situation and stay positive. His thoughtful nature shines through. He makes a conscious effort to look on the bright side and see all outcomes as new opportunities for himself. His future goals (college, traveling, joining the Marines) are a particular source of inspiration and positive thinking for him. In the future, he’d love to spend time living in, or traveling to, California, Alaska, or Hawaii! Anything that would offer a different culture and climate appeals to him.

Manny has hair care tips for anyone out there who is also growing theirs out.

Currently in the 10th grade, Manny's favorite subject is history. It gives him a chance to explore different time periods and even the chance to sometimes play his favorite game, Axis and Allies! His language arts class has performed “Reader’s Theater” in class, and Manny has really enjoyed reading aloud and playing different characters. Manny works hard in school and applies himself across subjects. He is frequently named “student of the day” for his investment and willingness to help others.

Manny knows what he's looking for in a future home. He shares all about it in part 3!

When it comes to a future family, Manny is open to a lot of possible options and makeups. He’d appreciate either one or two parents and wouldn’t mind having other kids in a home that are his age or older, or even being the only kid. Manny loves animals and would be thrilled to have pets in the home, like a large, loveable dog. Manny is looking for a family that will take time to know him, build a relationship, and also support his future goals. He’s open to the possibility of an adoptive family or a family who could make a longer commitment to him while he’s in foster care. He’s most interested in connecting with a potential family that feels like a good fit. He stays closely connected with his sibling and remains in touch with his former foster parents. Both are important relationships he wants to maintain.

Manny also wanted the long-form version of his conversation is featured, so nothing is missed!

If you think you could be a good fit for Manny, please reach out to us! We are committed to finding him the permanent home he’s looking for.