Meet Gary

Meet Gary, a fantastic boy with an irresistible grin and a “magnetic personality!” People are drawn to this handsome boy. He is very outgoing, active, and loves attention. Gary is caring, and has a great sense of humor. He loves root beer and pizza. His favorite animal is a lion!

Gary’s favorite things to do right now are riding bikes, playing at the park, and swinging. He loves being outside and active! With his athletic build, Gary is strong and fairly coordinated. Gary enjoys playing board games like Uno or Go Fish, watching movies or shows like Power Rangers, or building Lego’s. He is also a fan of Spiderman! For down time, Gary enjoys playing computer games like Minecraft or Roblox on the laptop with his foster brother.

Gary is expressive when he holds conversations with peers and adults; he is used to using both facial expressions and his hands at times to sign when he realizes his peers or adults are having trouble understanding his speech. Gary has made huge improvements with his speech, and his patience allows him to communicate fairly well. Another strength is Gary’s memory.

Although Gary is bright and works hard, school is not necessarily Gary's favorite activity. However, online schooling in particular is working out quite well for him! He not only enjoys it, he is making even better progress. In a positive scholastic environment that truly meets his needs, Gary will be able to continue demonstrating the significant gains he is making in all developmental areas. He needs adoptive parents who can be patient, fun, and engaging academic supporters and offer him the encouragement and extra home enrichment that he needs. His favorite subjects right now are cooking, computers, and music; he loves to sing!

Fairly easygoing, Gary usually takes direction and guidance well. However, like many children, there are certain times when Gary really needs the adults around him to rise up and provide that extra level of support, guidance, patience, and love. It is so hard for Gary to have uncertainty about his future and to wonder where he will be living next; he has weathered so much grief and loss. It is important that prospective adoptive parents understand Gary will need a very slow and thoughtful transition.

Gary has been faced with many challenges in his short life. Prospective adoptive parents will need to educate themselves about trauma and hardships, and the impact they can have on children. Gary is working on adding so many skills to his toolbox. He very much wants approval and thrives on pleasing others.

Gary has endured far too many moves, separations, and changes in caregivers. He really needs adoptive parents who will commit to stick by his side for good! A two-parent home is highly recommended for Gary, where he is the only child, or at the very least, the only young child. This will allow him to build a relationship with his caregivers without having to compete for adult attention and resources. Parents will need to be committed to advocating for him within the educational system, and spending ample time pursuing whatever supports he already receives or needs.

Gary will need for his caregivers to be calm and patient and able to devote a significant amount of time to spending quality moments with him. In turn, he will reward them with his endearing, sunshiny smile!

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