Meet Xavier

Xavier is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Naturally gifted at: Building and creating
Not-so-secret Talent: Chess
Dreams of: Engineering electric cars
Wants to find: A family who will stick with him

Xavier's innate creativity was on full display as he spontaneously created a stop-motion video!

Xavier's creative spark is evident from the moment you meet him. His fast-moving mind is always at the ready to master a new tech product, build something from scratch, or dissect and disassemble what's in front of him to learn how it works. Xavier finds his outlets in so many places: taking apart and rebuilding electronics, imagining and building a new Lego creation, or even the patient art of making pottery. He loves the yet-to-be uncovered challenge of whatever is next.

Xavier loves tinkering with technology, both the hardware and development side of things. He's quick to master anything on a phone, a tablet, computer, or game. It's not hard to see him continuing these pursuits as he gets older, in both formal and informal ways. In the future, he even has dreams of helping engineer and build electric cars in the most environmentally-friendly way. Everyone who knows him shares his social worker's view: "he's a genius with technology."

Xavier has a short introduction he wants to share with families through his In-Depth Profile.

Xavier said yes to building his own In-Depth Profile, so it better reflects the teenager he is today. In the past, Xavier has taken part in contributing to his profile, and it's important to him that families hear directly from him about who he is and what he's looking for. He thoughtfully engaged from start-to-finish in the process of building his own page here, and is hopeful that it sparks a connection with a potential family who may be the right fit for him.

Currently in the 7th grade, Xavier does best when he has educational support. An adoptive family who is excited to help Xavier as he continues to navigate his education would be really beneficial. Xavier is continually working on his social skills, as well. He’s a super friendly kid who really appreciates a good conversation and he’d love to make some new friends. Xavier is great at talking about anything technological and he’s also quite curious and inquisitive and will ask the right questions to discover something new.

There was even more from Xavier to include!

Xavier really wants to be adopted; to belong to a home. An adoptive family who can help Xavier learn and build connections and have positive relationships would be a great thing for him. "I like people who share my interests and like to try out new things," he says. Xavier is empathetic and kind and deserves to find the right adoptive family.

He will do well in a two parent home, and wouldn't mind being an only child, though all families are welcome to inquire. A family who shares Xavier’s Mexican American heritage would be an especially great fit for him, as his culture is important. "The most important thing," Xavier says, is for a future family to be "caring and loving." His caseworker adds: "He really wants to belong in a family, where he feels love and he can love as well."

If you feel a connection with Xavier and think you could be the right fit, please reach out to us! We are committed to finding him the adoptive family he deserves.

Beyond the Profile: Spending time with Xavier opens your eyes to the big, creative world that is out there—vast, undiscovered, and ready to be seized. Over the course of our time together, I loved getting to see Xavier's creative side shine: building something from nothing, imagining the yet-to-be from what's right in front of him. Nowhere was that truer than his brilliant stop-motion video he created! I love the video we were able to create from that because it shows so much of what it's like to spend time with Xavier and be drawn into his creative vortex. There's nothing quite like it! Not only is Xavier creative and skilled, he is also brave. His ability as a teen to be vulnerable and courageous and put his voice out there in the world - to reach potential families - moves me deeply. I am rooting so hard for Xavier to be able to find what he's looking for: a permanent home and family that he can land with and launch further into his teenage years. He deserves that. And what an incredible joy that will be to that family too! I hope you will reach out to us if any aspect of Xavier and his page hits home for you. It's what we all want for him!

-Nick Baumgartner, NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist