Meet Jasmine

Her creativity shines through her art, whether it’s comics she’s drawn or jewelry she’s made. Jasmine is extremely artistic and it shows. She’ll never pass up an opportunity to get physical exercise, like swimming and yoga. She also loves skateboarding and roller skating and is actively looking to join a roller derby team!

Jasmine is hilarious - her wit and sarcastic jokes mean that there is never a dull moment when you’re spending time with her. Jasmine also has such a goofy personality and good-natured spirit. She’s super nurturing and does well with younger kids, especially in a caretaking role. In fact, she completed a babysitting training course pretty recently!

Currently in the 8th grade, Jasmine is a super smart kid and excels academically. A great self-advocate, Jasmine actually thrived with remote learning and is working to continue that experience if possible! She excels in all of her classes and dreams of becoming a fashion designer one day. When she took a career quiz, it indicated she should become a fashion designer or a funeral director, which Jasmine found hilarious.

“Jasmine is insightful, good-natured, and truly fun to be around. She has diverse and unique interests and cares deeply about those closest to her. Jasmine has gained many skills in learning to advocate for herself appropriately and she is not afraid to express herself and follow her dreams.” Jasmine’s social worker

Jasmine has said she would like to live in a home with pets – she loves all animals. There are many important relationships in Jasmine’s life that her future adoptive family should be prepared to support. She’s also said she’d like to have an adoptive family with one or two moms, though all families are welcome to inquire. Additionally, Jasmine hopes to find a family that will give her unconditional support and love while respecting her feelings about family and her future.

Her team is eager to hear from families who will welcome Jasmine into their lives while being patient with her adjustment into their home and family. The team thinks families who have much younger or much older kids in their home will be ideal for Jasmine, though they are excited to hear from all families.

If you can see Jasmine in your family, please reach out. We’re excited to find her the permanent home she deserves.

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