Meet Jasmine

Riding a horse takes some practice, but some people seem to have a natural gift when it comes to animals. Jasmine is one of those people. Though she’s only ever ridden a horse once, she was a natural and would absolutely love to start taking horseback riding lessons! Jasmine loves animals and the more time she can spend with and around them, the better.

What else does Jasmine do for fun? In the past, she took hip-hop dance lessons and really enjoyed it and though she’s taking a break for now, she may be interested in dancing again in the future. Full of creativity and a knack for the written word, Jasmine spends a lot of time writing short stories – and she’s really good at it! For Halloween, she wrote an invigorating story that was super suspenseful and awesome. When she isn’t writing, Jasmine is likely drawing. Most recently, she’s gotten into drawing people. Her social worker has a few of Jasmine’s drawings in her office and says she is very talented. In the future, Jasmine would love to travel. An adoptive family who likes to explore the world would be a great fit for her.

Currently in the 5th grade, Jasmine does great in school. She excels in the classroom and is really smart and inquisitive. Jasmine is really keen on knowing how and why things work the way that they do. She seems to like science and math the most, though as a quick learner who likes to understand everything, math can be a good challenge for her. She’s young, but she has academic goals for her future. Recently, Jasmine stated that she wants to go to Harvard, though the verdict is out on what she’d like to study there.

Jasmine is super close with her biological siblings and it is crucial that she remains in touch with them. An adoptive family who can support these special relationships will be essential.

Jasmine is a super friendly kid who loves being around her peers. She would do well in most family configurations, especially with younger siblings or where she can be the only child. The most important thing for Jasmine is staying in touch with her biological families. An adoptive home who can give Jasmine love, support, and lots of time to creatively express herself will be a great fit.

If you can envision Jasmine in your family, reach out to us! We are excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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