Meet Mattie

Mattie is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that gives youth in foster care the leading voice in finding their own adoptive family. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Passionate about: Making music
Pronouns: She/her
A natural: Director of photography
Ideal family is: Affirming, supportive, and caring

Mattie helped direct a video that shows families the important parts of her teenage life.

An absolutely delightful teen with a hilarious sense of humor and a kind heart: meet Mattie. Mattie is fun-loving, super energetic, and full of joy. While shooting hoops or swinging a baseball bat, or really playing any number of sports, Mattie is at her best. She particularly loves team activities, because she enjoys working hard with others toward a shared goal. Remaining active is definitely important to Mattie, and she’d love to find a family that’s equally full of life.

Besides dreams of being a sports star, Mattie’s other favorite pastimes are riding her bike, gliding on her longboard (a long and more stable skateboard), and dancing. Music is another passion. In fact, Mattie has very much dedicated herself to learning how to play the guitar – and it’s obvious that she’s become quite good at it! Playing the guitar is more than a hobby for Mattie – it is also a stress reliever. When she’s not playing her own tracks, listening to other singer-songwriters is another of her favorite activities. While listening to her favorite tunes, Mattie is calm and at peace.

Mattie also wanted to share her creative side by performing an original song and a few covers.

In school, Mattie benefits from programs that allow her to learn at her own pace. She’s doing her best when provided the right academic support in subjects like math and reading. Mattie is a visual child who prefers verbal and photographic cues and prompts to help her learn efficiently. It’s been said that “she’s one of those kids you meet who always gives 110% every day.”

Mattie has made great progress when it comes to being candid and open about her feelings. She is willing to talk about her concerns and needs and has become an excellent self-advocate. One of her strongest skills is her self-awareness and honesty. If she is upset, Mattie will openly ask for help in feeling better. It is admirable how well Mattie has taken to self-care. In recent years, Mattie has really stepped on the gas to make positive changes in her life. She is a kid who is really, really excited about a lot of things—she’s just genuinely excited about life. She treats every experience as the next big adventure, which is a really admirable way to live.

Mattie would love to find an active family with strong parenting skills and the ability to provide thoughtful levels of supervision. A structured and organized environment that allows her to anticipate upcoming activities and allows her to prepare for any change in routine is helpful for Mattie. We would love to hear from nurturing couples and great single moms or dads who have a solid support system. Mattie has very strong bonds with a couple of her relatives and it is incredibly important for her to maintain those relationships. Mattie would do well as the only child or the youngest of older siblings who can act as role models for her. A family who can support and enrich Mattie’s experience with her identities, both in regard to her African-American heritage, as well as her gender identity, would be really beneficial to Mattie and her future. If you are interested in adopting Mattie or learning more about this great teen, we would love to hear from you!

Beyond the Profile: From the start, Mattie was so eager to be involved in making these stories. When I first broached the idea of her sharing directly with families, she came up with over thirteen ideas of different things that she could talk about. But it wasn't all wide, it runs deep. When we first met up with Mattie, and she started talking about the importance of music in her life, it was powerful. There was something remarkably introspective, self-aware, and courageous in Mattie, and I think that this really shows through in multiple places in her videos. Throughout all our time with Mattie, I remember having such a strong feeling for how she'd thrive in a supportive, energized and an interpersonally connected family. I sincerely hope that Mattie's In-Depth Profile will help inspire that family to step out and connect.

-NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist, Brandon Adams

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