Meet Rainey

Did you know that the first reptiles began evolving around 320 million years ago? We bet Rainey knows that, because she happens to know quite a bit about animals, with a special emphasis on reptiles. Rainey is a big fan of animals, but she takes it a step further and really does her research. Rainey is pretty internet savvy and really likes to utilize her resources to continue her deep dive into all things reptilian. You may have guessed that she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up!

Rainey spends a lot of time outside – she would spend every minute out there if she could – and really enjoys tracking down some of her favorite creatures. Research is one thing, but being able to experience creatures in real life is even more special. Rainey loves to fish and also spends her time observing wildlife like frogs, butterflies, and lizards. Though Rainey is clearly passionate about animals and wildlife, an adoptive family who can continue to help Rainey learn about the responsibility of having a pet would be a great fit for her.

Animals aren’t the only topic of conversation on Rainey’s radar. She excels in maintaining intelligent conversations and is quite intellectual. Rainey thrives with one on one attention and enjoys chatting it up with everyone. She’s a quick learner, a quick adapter, and feels comfortable around new people with ease.

As she finishes her 6th grade year, Rainey still does well in school and enjoys learning and is continually working on improving her peer interactions. She’s very bright and stays academically on track. With the caring eye of her teachers and mentors, Rainey is able to stay motivated and is continually making progress on her performance in the classroom. Rainey is excited at the prospect of learning and experiencing new things.

Besides her love of animal research, Rainey has a slew of other things she enjoys. Reading, arts and crafts, and drawing are high on her list of favorite things to do, but she’s also a superstar singer. Rainey spends a lot of time singing. She enjoys showing off her talent to anyone who wants to experience a great song. Rainey has also recently gotten into gymnastics, honing in on her natural athleticism. Her other favorite athletic endeavors are swimming and hiking and recently has found an interest in photography and archery.

Rainey has a close relationship with her biological aunt. An adoptive family who can support her in this bonds would be great. Rainey would do well in a home with older children.

Rainey enjoys dressing up, singing, taking pictures, and learning everything she can. An adoptive family who is very experienced, spirited, and has a strong maternal influence is essential for Rainey’s success. Rainey has been making great progress when it comes to processing her emotions. She’s a kid who expresses her excitement and happiness about new activities and is always willing to try something new. We can’t wait to find her the right adoptive family.

If you can envision Rainey in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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