Meet Ty

Artist extraordinaire coming through, make way for Ty! If he’s spending time inside, he’s likely painting or creating his next artistic masterpiece! He also has a newfound interest in photography after recently taking a photography course that he really enjoyed. Ty hopes to continue pursuing photography as his newest artistic endeavor. Ty is also down to spend time outdoors, too! A big animal lover, he’s always willing to hang out where the animals might be.

Ty is a very thoughtful teen. He loves spending time writing and journaling whenever he gets the chance to! He has recently taken an interest in spiritual practices, too.

A little reserved and on the quiet side, Ty builds positive relationships with peers and adults who are patient and willing to meet him where he’s at. Once he’s found a comfortable groove, Ty loves making people laugh by joking around!

Ready to start 10th grade, Ty did well overall in school last year! He would greatly benefit from the support and stability of a family that could help him continue to progress and, as his educational advocate, keep him moving toward his educational goals.

Ty is active and loves to stay moving. This summer, he’s been big into swimming, and enjoying time at the YMCA. He’s recently expressed interest in checking out Taekwondo and kickboxing, too!

There are some very important biological connections that Ty would like to maintain. Due to these important connections, Ty’s team would also especially love to hear from families in Washington State that are committed to helping him maintain his relationships.

Ty’s team would love to hear from families in any configuration, just as long as he gets the quality time and attention he wants and deserves. Ty thrives with a strong maternal presence in the home. While he loves spending time with people, Ty also appreciates his independence and having quiet, calm time to himself.

If you can see Ty in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the home and support he deserves.

Could you see Ty as part of your family?