Meet Donavin

Donavin is waiting for a loving, committed family who can provide long lasting care. While adoption is not an option at this time, he still needs permanency through a guardianship family. Learn more about Guardianship or Long Term Foster Care here.

A learner and explorer at heart, Donavin is an inquisitive kid whose mind and body are always on the go. Donavin can often be found crafting, working on a jigsaw puzzle, learning a new board game, or building with Legos and Lincoln Logs. Donavin has enjoyed many new experiences in the last year like visiting Legoland and getting his first pair of glasses. Now he just needs to find the right family to come along with him on his next adventures!

Donavin lives life on the silly side, taking great enjoyment in singing silly songs, saying funny things, and laughing at Knock Knock jokes. He loves building things, drawing, and is impressively teaching himself how to play chess! Donavin is also interested in learning more about outer space, world geography, and the flags for different countries.

Donavin’s favorite colors are green and blue. He likes to spend time outside and particularly loves to swim and play in the water. Donavin always looks forward to being read to at bedtime. His cureent favorites include books about Star Wars, Paw Patrol, dinosaurs, and the Crayons book series. He also loves being read No, David! by David Shannon with his name instead: “No, Donavin!”

Donavin is bright, curious, and spunky. Academics, especially math, are a strength for him and Donavin thinks he might even want to be a teacher when he grows up! Donavin benefits from various supports throughout his school day and will do well with a family who can stay in close communication with his teacher, provide him with opportunities for enrichment, and advocate for him in the classroom.

Donavin has important relationships with a number of people from his family of origin. Donavin needs a family who will help him maintain and navigate these relationships throughout his life. He also has a network of other supportive adults and former foster parents who care about him very much and would love to provide support to his permanent family. These folks can help provide a wealth of information about Donavin and his story!

Donavin benefits from a high level of structure and routine, and appreciates knowing what is coming up next in his day. Donavin likes to have a lot of one-on-one attention and a caregiver who is able to spend a substantial amount of time together to build their bond. Donavin loves to do activities with his caregivers like playing games and doing art projects!

Donavin’s team is looking for a family who is calm, patient, and able to provide a structured and consistent home for him. Donavin’s caregivers will need to be adaptive, creative, and flexible in their parenting style. Donavin’s team believes that he’ll do best as an only child or the youngest in the home. Above all, Donavin needs a family that can help him feel deeply loved and cared for.

Donavin hopes that his permanent family will play board games and do puzzles with him. He’d like his family to be adventurous and spend time outside together, like going swimming and fishing. Donavin dreams of having a backyard where he can swing and jump on a trampoline. Lastly, Donavin would love to have a dog – specifically a little dog that could be named “Lucas.” If you think you may be the permanent home that this this smart, silly, and adventurous kid is seeking, please reach out and let us know! We’re excited to help find Donavin find the longterm home and family that he deserves.

Could you see Donavin as part of your family?