Meet Tia

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What’s your preferred way to kick back and chill out? For Tia, it involves pulling up the computer or throwing on one of the eight Harry Potter movies. (Any will probably do.) It’s important to know how to relax, and Tia is definitely in-tune with her own needs. After a long day at school, Tia really appreciates the chance to do so. When she needs some extra time, she’ll step outside to breathe in the fresh air or just hang out by herself for a bit.

In school, Tia has done well in humanities and woodworking in the past. While she continues to work hard in school, an adoptive family who is academically driven and can help Tia stay motivated would be super beneficial for her. Once she puts her nose to the grindstone, Tia will be able to do anything she sets her mind to. Tia is a wonderful, creative kid who loves to do art projects and loves to read anything she can get her hands on – though she’s a particularly big fan of the Twilight series.

In her free time, Tia loves to play games, exercise her creativity through arts and crafts, and visit the animal shelter. Tia has some musical inclination as well. She used to play the clarinet and currently plays the piano! Recently, Tia has gotten very into skateboarding and has learned some new and impressive tricks!

Tia is a very respectful kid who is really appreciate when her caregivers and social workers go out of their way for her. Tia responds well to firm boundaries and appropriate incentives to follow rules. She does best with caregivers who understand her perspective and encourage her to use her coping skills. She is a kid with a lot of personality who will bring a ton of joy and fun to an adoptive family.

An adoptive family who can provide a calm, loving environment with Tia would be so special to her. Tia will do well with a single mom or a two parent family with a strong maternal influence. More than anything, security and permanence are important to Tia. As she continues to learn about the world around her, Tia will thrive with parent(s) who encourage her to try new things, spread her wings, and reach her full potential. Tia deserves an adoptive family who will love her unconditionally and advocate for her needs.

If you can envision Tia in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

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